Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration to Beautify Your Home

Minimalist Fish Pond Design Inspiration to Beautify Your Home

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Having a fish pond at home is an attractive alternative for those of you who like outdoor activities with your family. The existence of a fish pond at home is believed to be able to get rid of fatigue and at the same time make the air around the house feel cooler. More than that, fish ponds can also be part of an aesthetic element. Realizing a fish pond as an aesthetic element, can be achieved with the right design. The choice of fish pond design itself is very much, one of which is minimalism.

Minimalist fish ponds are often the choice because they are considered simple and easy to adapt. Moreover, for urban areas with narrow home gardens, a minimalist fish pond is the most ideal solution. If you are also interested in building a minimalist fish pond at home, here are some inspirations that can be emulated.


1. Simple and luxurious design

Geometric like a square is the most common form for minimalist designs, including for fish ponds. Geometric or angular shapes will make land use more optimal. Even though it looks simple, this form can actually look very luxurious. The impression of a luxury fish pond can be created by choosing the right material, but it must also be in harmony with the design concept of the house building itself.

2. Give a touch of nature

Even though it has a minimalist concept with geometric spatial shapes, it doesn’t hurt to add natural elements in the fish pond. Aquatic plants to large rocks can make the fish pond feel more beautiful as well as break the monotony. Adding plants to fish ponds can also be an alternative if the open space at home is very limited.

3. Contact with Home

If you have a wide side opening that leads directly to the outdoor, there is nothing wrong with making the pool directly in contact with the house building. This concept will be very interesting because you can enjoy the pool directly from inside the house. The existence of a pool like this is also effective in making the house look more dynamic or less rigid.

4. Decorative Fish Pond

Having a beautiful impression, a fish pond that is placed in the garden of the house can also be used as a decorative element for the landscape. The combination with softscapes such as grass, shrubs, and trees will make the garden area more natural. Don’t forget, add spotlights to further beautify the elegant minimalist fish pond. To make the nuance more lively, try adding fish with bright colors like koi types.

5. Contemporary Minimalism

Make a minimalist concept with a contemporary theme as inspiration for those of you who like a simple yet luxurious look. This concept is also very suitable for semi-outdoor or indoor fish ponds. Then, add natural materials to give accents, such as walls and stepping stones. The existence of a stepping stone itself, apart from making it easier to clean, the resulting floating effect will add to the aesthetic value of the fish pond.

6. Give an accent

Making a water fountain or fountain is not just to give a gurgling sound effect to a fish pond. This installation is important for fish because it plays a role in circulating oxygen in the water. Instead of just giving a regular fountain, it would be more interesting to place an urn or statue as an accent.

7. Fishponds as Transition

A fish pond design like the one above is a brilliant idea to create a transitional effect in an outdoor space. This fish pond is like a boundary that divides the two spaces with different functions. As a link between the two rooms, a stepping stone is added with the effect of floating on the surface of the water.

So, which minimalist fish pond design catches your eye the most? But before deciding to make a fish pond at home, keep in mind that fish ponds require special and intensive care. Therefore, you should first consult with your trusted architect or pool design service professional.