Design Apartments in Moscow with Colorful Joy

Design Apartments in Moscow with Colorful Joy

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Various ways can be done to bring a cheerful atmosphere into a residence. The easiest and most effective way is to use color. Psychologically, color selection is proven to be effective in building a person’s atmosphere, mood, and feelings. Not surprisingly, color games are a trick that is often done to create a certain atmosphere in a room, according to the main purpose of the room or building.

This colorful apartment design in Moscow is a testament to the powerful use of color in building a fun and cheerful atmosphere.

Colorful Random Furniture

Reviews of colorful apartment design begin in the living room. With a background of bright gray walls, the color combination of this apartment contains a variety of random furniture that is colorful and different from one another. Starting from a thick carpet with a geometric pattern that comes in various colors, a soft peach red chair, combined with a unique yellow chair, and green cabinets with a touch of chrome on the handles and support legs. All furniture fulfills their respective functions resulting in a slick colorful interior design. At the same time, it seems to ignore the principle of color uniformity that is generally used in the interior design of a dwelling.

Using Neutral Colors as the Perfect Background

To draw attention to the color play in this apartment, making a neutral color as a background is a must. Instead of using white, gray is the right choice.

The light gray color contrasts with the other colors, but is still pleasing to the eye. The use of this neutral color is applied in several rooms in this colorful apartment design. In this bedroom, for example, gray is applied to the walls and curtains. Meanwhile, the play of color is presented through red satin fabric as a blanket as well as several other functional knick-knacks such as table lamps, chair cushions, and vases. Several forms of art are presented in several forms, such as paintings on the headboard and paintings of animals in corner cabinets.

Blend of Colors and Patterns

The colorful minimalist interior also uses various patterns that make it look more charming. Here, a chair sits directly in front of the mirror facing directly against an accent wall in soft pink. The Italian floor pattern in the entryway area really stands out. Apart from the entryway, this Italian floor is also used in the three bathrooms in the apartment.

The bathroom floor also uses the Italian floor which is used in the entryway area. Here, the floor pattern is matched with soft whites and an elegant gold accent color. The use of gold as an accent color produces a sweet blend without being overly impressed.

Meanwhile, in another bathroom, the floor pattern and pink color are combined as one wall for the shower area. Meanwhile, the wall and ceiling area is given a soft pink color while still using a touch of gold accent color on some elements.

Domination Soft Pink Color

Unlike other rooms that combine several colors at once, the family room looks cozy, dominated by soft pink. Even so, the use of this pink color doesn’t look excessive and still comfortable. This color is applied to walls, curtains, sofas, sofa beds, and carpets, which once again carry geometric patterns. Large glass windows that provide a free view of the outside of the apartment as well as a source of sunlight as a source of natural light.