15 easy christmas home decorating ideas

15 Easy Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

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WEBvisit.me – As a day of great joy, the Christmas celebration is one of the most awaited sacred moments for Christians. The implementation time which falls every December 25 is marked by preparing all the symbols related to Christmas.

Of course, speaking of Christmas, the first element that comes to mind is the Christmas tree. But did you know that you don’t always have to present a Christmas tree in your home at this moment? Let’s be creative! There are tons of other ideas for replacing a Christmas tree, but the decorations are still attractive. This time, Webvisit provides some Christmas decoration ideas that you can apply this year!

1). Welcome Christmas with a flower arrangement

You can apply Christmas decorations not only at home, you know. In fact, you can also be creative in the outdoor area so that the house looks beautiful. You can use the house door as a medium for applying Christmas decorations. There are many decoration models that you can install on your door. One way is to use flower arrangements. You can get this arrangement from a flower shop or if you want to make your own, it’s fine too.

2). House Porch Arrangement

You can apply this arrangement both to the porch in front of the house or the side yard. If the porch is in front, it means that you can combine this arrangement with the door decorations. It’s not much different if your porch is next to the house. You can put a pillow or blanket on a chair with Christmas colors like red, green, or black. If there is a table, you can put the cups to sweeten the appearance.

3). Prepare a Surprise on Every Staircase

This decoration idea is suitable for those of you who have a two-story house or do have a ladder in your house. Instead of looking completely empty, you can try decorating the stairs to make it more attractive. Since gifts and surprises are the main attraction of Christmas celebrations, you can use each rung as a medium for placing various types of gifts, lights, plus Christmas string decorations. It will be even more beautiful if you add flower decorations in the Christmas string.

4). Decorate along the stair railing

To make your staircase look even more lively, you can also apply Christmas decorations ideas by decorating the railings with Christmas decorations. You can hang various types of lights along the stair railing. Even if you want to be more interesting, you can also put up Christmas tree leaves combined with bells and balls.

5). Decoration under the stairs to be an interesting photo spot

Usually, under the stairs, there is an empty space that is sometimes only used as a place to put unnecessary furniture. When you celebrate Christmas, you can change it to make it more attractive. You can put a bench or a long sofa around the area. For a lively look, add Christmas highlights like Christmas pillows and tree leaves. This section can be an interesting photo spot later.

6). Credenza’s table magic becomes the center of guest attention

If you have a credenza table or any table in your house that is just idle, you can turn it into a Christmas decoration idea that can attract guests’ attention later. The trick, of course, is by giving a touch of Christmas to the table. Starting from a mini Christmas tree, candles, or even small glasses.

7). Decorate the Window

If the outside of the house has been given a touch of Christmas, then automatically the inside should not be left behind. Call it the inner side of the house window. You can attach a string of Christmas tree leaves along the side of the window. To make it look even more lively, try to add a touch of red through Christmas neighborhoods like hanging balls, sticks, and twinkling lights.

8). Dining Table Setting with a Touch of Red

Celebration moments in any form, including Christmas, are always synonymous with eating together. So that the moment of togetherness is even more felt without reducing the celebration, you can set the dining table in such away. Now, if on some sides the room has been dominated by green, now is the time for you to magic the dining table with a touch of red which combines with the green of Christmas. You can put red napkins with white candles, little Christmas tree ornaments, and unique glasses.

9). Not Missed, Decorate the Kitchen Area

Not only the dining table that you can decorate a Christmas celebration, don’t miss the kitchen too. It will also motivate you to keep the kitchen clean at Christmas. You can maximize the use of red or green furniture in the kitchen, put a series of Christmas tree leaves on the hanging cupboard as well, or arrange a pot containing a mini Christmas tree.

10). Give Ornaments to the Walls

You may have one side of the wall in an empty house. This part can be interesting if you want to decorate it again, you know. There are many blank wall decor ideas that you can search the internet. For example, place a Christmas-themed frame display on the wall. Just put 3 to 4 frames so it’s not too crowded.

11). Little one’s room creativity

Christmas moments can also be the perfect time to invite children to express their creativity. For example, you involve them in matters of decorating their respective rooms. There are many brilliant ideas that you can try to implement. For example, inviting children to make Christmas collages on their bedroom walls or arranging rooms with various Christmas items. Or you can also replace the bed linen with various Christmas tree-themed pictures.

12). Minimalist Decoration for the Bedroom

As a personal area, you don’t need to overdo it in decorating your bedroom. It is enough with just a little touch of Christmas style, then the atmosphere can feel thick. You can replace the bedsheets with red or white colors, put up a Christmas hanger in the corner of the room, and put a stake on the table.

13). Don’t Ignore the Decorations in the Bathroom

Even though the intensity of using the bathroom is not as much as in other rooms, you also shouldn’t just ignore it. In fact, this area can also be a medium for implementing interesting Christmas decorations. You can present a few decorative ornaments in the bathroom, such as a small Christmas tree, hanging flowers, and so on.

14). Stacked Branch

You can also make other Christmas decorations ideas as a substitute for the Christmas tree. For example, a stacked branch looks like a Christmas tree but is made of piles of tree branches. You can turn it into a rustic look with monochrome colors or make it look vibrant with green and red.

15). Fireplace Area Rugs

If your house has a fireplace, don’t forget to turn this area into an attractive appearance too. Try placing the Christmas tree next to the fireplace, complete with a gift arrangement and lights that surround the tree. This area can also be an interesting photo spot.

Of course, apart from some of the Christmas decorations ideas above, there are many other interesting concepts that you can apply. Do you have any other interesting ideas?