5 unique wooden chair furniture

5 Unique Wooden Chair Furniture

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WEBvisit.me – Chairs are one of the essential furniture in a home because they have a very important function and role. The materials or materials used to make chairs are also very diverse, some are made of rattan, iron, and also plastic. However, the most common and everyone’s favorite are wooden chairs.

Why are wooden chairs so popular? This is because wood is a material that is easily formed so that the style or design of the wooden chairs produced varies greatly. One of them is a minimalist wooden chair, where the minimalist design itself is currently a trend.

Well, because of its contemporary style, apart from functioning for sitting, minimalist wooden chairs are also often used as an element of decoration in a dwelling. Therefore, minimalist wooden chairs are very reliable to liven up the atmosphere of your home. For those of you who are curious about the various styles of minimalist wooden chairs, take a peek at the inspiration from WEBvisit below, let’s go!

1). Unique Minimalist Wooden Chairs

If a chair generally has four legs, this minimalist wooden chair style only has three legs, where the footstool on the back is wide enough to keep it firmly supported. This minimalist wooden chair is also equipped with arm supports on the right and left. Besides, what is unique about this minimalist wooden chair is that it has an inverted triangle-shaped backrest.

This minimalist wooden chair uses a varnish finish so that it looks shiny all over the surface. You can make this unique minimalist wooden chair style custom on wood furniture craftsmen. As for the types of wood that you can use for this style of chair, some of which are agarwood, teak, rosewood, and Merbau.

2). Curved Minimalist Wooden Chair

Wooden chairs with curved shapes are nothing new, but for this one style, it looks very unique. This is because the arch in the minimalist wooden chair above is not half-hearted, starting from the side, back, to the seat. Besides, the existence of several large and small holes on the frame also makes this minimalist wooden chair have its artistic value.

Not only has artistic value, this hole will also make it easier for you to hold or lift this minimalist wooden chair when you want to move it. For its use, this minimalist wooden chair is very functional furniture because it is suitable to be placed in any room.

3). Modern Minimalist Wooden Chairs

At first glance, this style looks ordinary, but actually, this minimalist wooden chair has been modified with a modern touch. If you look closely, the backrest is curved so that it provides good support for your back. the backrest is also connected to the back of the chair leg. Meanwhile, the sitting surface of this minimalist wooden chair is very thin, making it very beautiful in simplicity.

In addition to its style, this minimalist wooden chair is covered in a light brown color that almost resembles a beige color. Thus, this modern minimalist wooden chair is perfect for a small house because it won’t make the house look stuffy, it can even create the illusion of a more spacious room.

4). Simple Minimalist Wooden Chair

Don’t like styles that are too varied? If so, this simple minimalist wooden chair is perfect for you. Yes, this minimalist wooden chair style is the same as a chair style in general, where there are four legs, a straight back that is shaped like a box, and additional cushioning on the seat base. It’s just that, this wooden chair is still made with a minimalist design that can be seen from the overall wooden frame. Although simple, this minimalist wooden chair is still charming, right?

5). Long Minimalist Wooden Chair

Now, finally, there is a minimalist style wooden chair that is long without aback. Covered with a sitting mat made of gray cloth, you can use this minimalist wooden chair style in the dining room.

Besides giving a different impression to the appearance of your home, this minimalist wooden chair can also be a solution for a small dining room, when you are finished using it, you can put a long minimalist wooden chair under the dining table. Thus, it will save more space and the room will feel more spacious. Interested in using this minimalist wooden chair?