6 favorite garden for dream houses

6 Favorite Garden for Dream Houses

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WEBvisit.me – The presence of a garden at home can provide a very beautiful and fresh atmosphere. Therefore, after a day of activities, the home garden can be the most comfortable place to unwind and get tired. In the garden of the house, you can breathe fresh air while gazing at the beauty of the flowers, leaves, and green trees.

There are many styles of home gardens and people often get confused in choosing the most appropriate garden concept for their home. There are at least 6 favorite garden concepts that are commonly applied to homes. What are you curious about? Come on, just take a look at the WEBvisit review below!

1). Minimalist Garden

The concept of the first home garden that is most widely applied to house is a minimalist garden. It doesn’t matter if your home garden land is limited because this garden concept comes with a very simple design without many ornaments.

Usually, plants or trees in a minimalist garden concept are neatly arranged, even some plants are grouped in a space that has been provided. Besides, to accentuate the minimalist impression, the usual concept of this garden is not completely covered with grass, but there is a combination of stones or a minimalist path around it.

2). Dry Garden

You don’t have much time to care for plants in your home garden? If so, choose a dry garden concept. Plants grown in this garden are types of plants that do not require a lot of care and water, such as cacti, succulents, cyclos, and Paris lilies.

Also, usually dry gardens are dominated by rocks. Due to its dry nature, the concept of this garden is often used as an alternative to an indoor garden. Instead of looking dry, this dry garden appears very aesthetically pleasing.

3). Modern Garden

Not much different from a minimalist garden, the modern garden concept also has a minimal ornamental design. It’s just that this park usually comes with a more contemporary style and has been modified with sophisticated technology, such as the inspiration above.

In this modern garden concept, there is a mini waterfall that falls directly into a small, elongated pool. Above the pond, there is also a wooden bridge that connects the garden area. Generally, the plants grown in modern gardens are those that don’t have many flowers.

4). Japanese style garden

Many houses asia use the garden concept from Japan. Because the Japanese garden style makes use of natural elements that are so thick that it is believed to provide a maximum calming effect.

Japanese elements commonly present in this garden concept are bonsai plants, rocks, wood materials, and warm light. Besides, there is usually a koi fish pond as a compliment. In general, the color composition produced by the Japanese garden concept is natural colors, such as green, brown, and gray.

5). Mediterranean garden

The most prominent characteristic of the garden which carries the Mediterranean concept is that it is dominated by elements of bright earth colors, such as beige, coral, and terracotta. These colors are usually present on the ground surface and walls around the garden.

Besides, generally Mediterranean gardens are also equipped with white stones and are surrounded by beautiful flowers of various colors, ranging from red, pink, white, to purple. You can add some garden chairs with matching colors.

6). Classic Garden

Well, as the name implies, this garden concept is perfect for those of you who apply classic home designs. The hallmark of this park is the use of ancient ornaments, such as fountains, statues, and classic wooden chairs. In fact, in a house that is quite large, there is usually a mini labyrinth.

Plants in this garden concept are usually more numerous and varied than other garden concepts. Not to forget, the use of wall lamps like the model above can also add a high-value classic impression.

After seeing the six garden concepts above, do you now know which garden style is most suitable for your home? Or maybe you have an idea to combine some of the garden concepts above? Hopefully, the review from WEBvisit earlier can be an inspiration for you!