5 cool indoor plant stand to up your home decor

5 Cool Indoor Plant Stand to Up Your Home Decor

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WEBvisit – For those of you who like to grow indoor plants or other types of plants, you must often feel confused about arranging a lot of pots, right? Instead of getting dizzy, it’s not uncommon for people to end up putting every potted plant carelessly, be it in the garden, terrace, or in the house. As a result, instead of making the homes look beautiful, it becomes messy. Now, if you are experiencing this, try using an indoor plant stand to arrange each of your plants.

The designs or style of indoor plant racks on the market are very diverse as you can choose them according to your needs and tastes. Besides being able to make the house tidier, an attractive indoor plant stand design can also present a decorative element to your home, you know! In the following, WEBvisit has prepared some beautiful and attractive indoor plant stand design inspirations for you. Instead of being curious, just take a peek together, let’s!

1). Vertical indoor plant stand

This vertical indoor plant stand design is specifically designed for those of you who like to plant various types of indoor plants or plants in a few sizes. At the bottom of the indoor plant stand, you can put a large plant pot. Meanwhile, the middle and top of the indoor plant stand can be used to place some medium or smaller potted plants, such as anthurium or succulent indoor plants and cacti.

This indoor plant stand material is wood whose makes the overall design look more natural. Because it is vertical or extends upward, this indoor plant stand allows you to save more space or save space at home.

2). Circular indoor plant stand

Different from indoor plant racks in general, this model consists of two semicircular stands whose are then put together to form a unique circle. The poles or supports of this indoor plant stand are covered in white, while each surface of the stand is made of wood planks in bright shades. The combination of the two makes this indoor plant stand design very charming.

By its large enough size, this indoor plant stand can accommodate up to 12 medium-sized indoor plant pots. Not only that, but at the very top of this indoor plant stand, there is also a small ring that you can use to attach hanging plant pots. This indoor plant stand is very attractive, right?

3). Zig-Zag indoor plant stand

For those of you who are simple design lovers, but want your home to still look decorative, the indoor plant rack model above could be the best choice for you. Overall, the design of this indoor plant stand is very simple. However, if you pay attention, there is a zigzag pattern on the supports on the left and right of the indoor plant stand. That’s what makes this indoor plant stand beautiful and attractive in its simplicity.

Although simple, the capacity of this indoor plant stand is no less than the previous model, you know, because it can accommodate up to 20 small indoor plant pots. You can use this indoor plant stand indoors or outdoors. It’s just that, if placed outdoors, you should check the conditions periodically because this indoor plant stand is made of wood which is usually susceptible to weather changes and termite attacks.

4). Multi-story indoor plant stand

Who isn’t fascinated when they see the indoor plant stand design above? The multi-story model is like a staircase that makes this indoor plant stand look very attractive. Moreover, the natural dark brown color of the wood is not evenly distributed, creating a highly valued aesthetic impression.

Don’t waste any space on this indoor plant stand, if the number of your indoor plants or plants doesn’t fill the indoor plant stand, just put your various displays or antiques in your collection instead. This of course aims to keep the indoor plant racks looking beautiful.

5). Jar Shaped indoor plant stand

The four indoor plant stand designs that haven’t caught your heart yet? Relax, there is still one more indoor plant stand with a very unique model, which is shaped like a jar. The surface of this indoor plant stand is made alternating from bottom to top. At the very top of the supports that curve outward, there is also a place for hanging indoor potted plants.

In addition to its efficient design, the size of this indoor plant stand is also not too big so it is perfect for sweetening a small house. When using this functional furniture, of course, your home will be more lively and attractive.

Now, after seeing all the indoor plant stand designs above, have you found the one that is most suitable for your home? Besides the beautiful and attractive design, don’t forget to also pay attention to the quality of the indoor plant stand material so that it is durable!