5 small guest bathroom design under stair

5 Small Guest Bathroom Design Under stair

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WEBvisit.me – When the guest arrives, some of them must have wanted to take a ride to the bathroom. As a homeowner, it will be uncomfortable if this private bathroom is used by outsiders. Therefore, just make a special bathroom for guests. If residential small, you can also make a bathroom under the stairs.

The bathroom under the stairs does not need to be large as long as it is enough to place the toilet and sink. Let’s take a peek at the five unique guest bathroom designs under the stairs that you can make inspiration for:

1). Victorian style

Even though it is small, the bathroom under the stairs also has the right to look beautiful. One of them is in the famous Victorian style for elegance. Use wallpaper with Victorian motifs to decorate the walls. After that add a mirror with a fully carved frame.

2). Minimalist Bathroom

Next, there is a bathroom design under the stairs that is minimalist in style. To save space and reflect simplicity, opt for wall-mounted toilets and flush buttons. The small sink is fine as long as guests can use it.

The bottom of the sink is made to resemble a cupboard so that the pipes don’t look messy. Provide enough lighting so that they are more comfortable using the bathroom under the stairs.

3). Rustic style

Some guests took a ride to the bathroom with the excuse of wanting to tidy up their makeup and clothes. To make them comfortable using the bathroom under the stairs, hang a medium to a large mirror. Besides, provide lighting on the right and left.

To accentuate the rustic style, use a wooden sink and place a rattan basket at the bottom as a tissue or towel container. Do you want the bathroom under the stairs to look prettier? Just put the vase on the sink table.

4). Decoration With Mirrors

Small and narrow rooms often make people uncomfortable, especially for those who have claustrophobia. One way you can get around this problem in the bathroom under the stairs is to install mirrors on several sides of the wall. In the bathroom under the stairs in a modern minimalist style, it is enough to use a plain mirror without frames and complicated shapes.

5). Super small

What should you do if the area under the stairs that remains is only about 1.5 m x 1.5 m? This bathroom design under the stairs is what you need to imitate. Place the toilet at the front of the sink. Users of the bathroom under the stairs can wash their hands sideways and when they look in the mirror, they can stand near the toilet.

All the bathroom designs under the stairs will be more comfortable if you clean it regularly. If you want to use the bathroom under the stairs as a shower too, you should use a shower that matches the size of the room.