7 classic mediterranean living room design ideas

7 Classic Mediterranean Living Room Design Ideas

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WEBvisit.me – Tired of the minimalist living room design that looks empty and that’s all? Magic becomes a Mediterranean style living room! Beautiful and elegant! The living room is one of the vital rooms in the house. This room is often visited by many people, including guests from outside.

As homeowners and residents, of course, we want other people to judge our home as a dream house, or at least livable. Well, you can highlight this impression with a Mediterranean design. Its trademark elegance, luxury, warmth, openness, and comfort are guaranteed to make anyone fall in love with it!

Here are examples of Mediterranean living room designs that you can use as inspiration!

1). Semi Mid-century

This first Mediterranean living room design uses wood as the main material that is highlighted in the room. Not only furniture, but wood is also applied to antique ceiling frames along with medieval-style chandeliers hanging in the middle of the living room. The curvy furniture and outline of the house make the living room look more feminine and elegant.

2). Mediterranean Minimalist

Don’t want too much furniture like the first option? Try this Mediterranean-style living room design! As you can see, with only two chairs and one table, the living room still looks exotic thanks to the help of chandeliers and ethnic patterned wallpaper. To appear more of a Mediterranean design, install a large glass window or door so that natural sunlight can enter the house.

3). Gothic theme

Strengthen the Mediterranean living room design at home by utilizing dull and dark colors as the main accent of the interior of the room. Use shabby chic items that look antique to make your living room look worn out like gothic-themed European villas. To complete the uniqueness of this design, pair it with several pairs of soft chairs and sofas of the same color and worn rugs underneath.

4). Symmetrical Pattern

Add symmetrical patterns to the living room at home to emphasize the interior design of the room. Add a striped rug under the sofa and chairs with the same pattern. Don’t forget, choose a themed wall decoration like the symmetrical painting in the picture above. This living room design will make your Mediterranean home appear more artistic!

5). Retro style

If you thought retro patterns wouldn’t go well with Mediterranean living room designs, you are wrong! The two themes can appear side by side if you can set it right. The trick is to choose colors and patterns in living room furniture. Use only one dominant color with a pattern that is not much different in the living room. Also, make sure the windows of the house are open so the room is bright and doesn’t look too crowded!

6). Contrast Colors

Bright colors look gorgeous when incorporated into a Mediterranean living room design! The Mediterranean theme is thick with warmth and open-air, but this tends to make it look flat. By adding fresh colors like red and green, you will add a fresh effect to the living room so that it is not only warm and cozy, the living room will also feel more attractive!

7). Glass and Iron

Apart from wood, other elements that you can use to fulfill a Mediterranean living room design are iron and glass. The use of these two materials is quite pivotal in the Mediterranean theme. Glass is used as a medium for sunlight into the house. while the dark color of the iron and all the carvings contribute to the elegance offered by the Mediterranean theme.