modern minimalist home exterior paint guide

Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Paint Guide

Posted on – Paint is one of the things that can make a house look that much more attractive. Do you agree? Take a look, what colors do you apply at home? Are these colors interesting enough? It is not uncommon for someone to lack consideration when choosing house paint. This of course will cause the appearance of the house to be less attractive.

Oh yes, you will also agree that the exterior design of the house is an important part of the house. Why?. Before looking into the house, of course, everyone will judge from the front view first. Based on this, we will review all things related to house exterior paint. Isn’t it interesting? This year, you will have a house with a new look.

No need to linger, let’s just discuss things related to house exterior paint.

Beautify the exterior of the house with paint

In this article, there will be an explanation regarding:

  • Selection of paint for the exterior of the house
  • A trick that many people still don’t know about choosing exterior paint.

Through all of these discussions, you can:

  • Choosing the right and best paint for the exterior of the house
  • Determine the right color for walls and tiles.
  • Know the tricks of painting the exterior of a house properly.
  • Have a house with a much more attractive appearance
  • It is not uncommon for paint that is applied to the outside of the house to be easily damaged.

If so, of course, the appearance of the house will not be beautiful. One of the best ways is to anticipate the exterior paint of the house to not be damaged quickly, this is done by choosing a strong and durable exterior paint. Even though there are many strong and durable exterior paints now, you also have to be smart in choosing them.

How to choose house paint for home exterior: quality paint criteria

1). Have Good Quality

One easy step is to choose the best wall paint brand, don’t forget to choose a paint that is specifically designed for the exterior of the house. Why? Usually, this type of paint has been formulated to paint the outer walls. The exterior paint is also able to protect the wall surface from climate change.

Just watch! If you use regular paint on the outside of the house, the walls will get moldy and may even crack. By choosing high-quality exterior paint, the inner walls of your home will be protected for years. Also, make sure that there are no leaks in the paint cans.

2). Choose a Bright Color

You may be wondering what a bright color has to do with the quality of the exterior paint. You need to know that it turns out that bright colors have less color pigment when compared to dark colors. What’s the effect? It turns out that the pigments present in this paint greatly affect the level of fading of the paint. The darker the paint color, the faster it will fade. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a brightly colored exterior paint.

3). Choose Weather Resistant

Another criterion for wall paint that you can choose is that it must be weatherproof or weatherproof. Confused to choose? You only need to choose paint that contains weatherproof or weather resistance. Another advantage, this paint that has a good content can prevent mold on the walls due to rainwater.

Have you chosen paint according to the three criteria above? Next, you have to do the correct painting technique. Check out the explanation below!

How to paint the exterior of a house

1). Walls Must Be Cleaned

This one thing sounds very common, but there are still many who neglect to clean the walls before painting them. Even though cleaning the walls before painting is one of the mandatory things. Why? If there is dirt still on the wall, the paint will not stick perfectly to the wall surface. As a result, the walls will be mossy.

What if the walls that are cleaned are already mossy? Of course, it’s easy! You only need to water the mossy part of the wall using chlorine water. Next, let the surface of the wall dry and you can immediately apply the paint to the surface.

2). Pay attention to the weather outside

Of course, we all know that the drying process will be faster if there is sunlight. Therefore you have to pay attention to the weather when painting the house. Make sure it is sunny outside. Don’t let it have been painted, it will rain instead. Painting wet or damp walls will do the trick. The paint on the wall surface will not stick properly and automatically the results of the painting will not be good.

Are the walls beautiful? It’s time to apply roof paint!

Are you aware? The roof of the house is very easy to look dull. This is of course caused by the part of the roof which is constantly exposed to sunlight and rainwater. Choosing the right paint is certainly a major consideration in choosing roof paint. Therefore, we should not be careless in choosing paint for the roof. Not only in terms of color, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the quality of the paint. Of course, you don’t want to constantly have to change the color of the roof paint?

So, to avoid this, here is the solution:

How to choose roof paint

1). Adjust the roof material

Did you know, it turns out that the roofing material also affects the paint used? For example, the paint chosen for a clay roof will certainly be different from that for an asbestos roof. What if the paint doesn’t match? Of course, the paint will not stick perfectly to the roof surface. Therefore, this one thing should also be a major consideration.

2). Choose High-Quality Paint

This is indeed a common thing that everyone should understand. However, the fact is that many people ignore this. Many think that the roof is not something important because it is located at the very top, so it is not visible to anyone.

Even though the roof will be visible because it is still part of the house. Just try to imagine! The exterior walls of the house are very beautiful, but the paint on the roof looks dull. Of course, it’s not pretty, right?

3). Adjust the color to the exterior

Another thing to consider is the choice of roof color. Even though it is located above, of course, you also have to adjust it to the color of the other exterior parts of the house, one of which is the wall. Not only that, but there are also other considerations that you should pay attention to.

If your house is short, then you should choose a lighter color than the wall color. This method can make your home look taller. Next, the way to make the house look solid is to apply a dark color to the roof.

You already understand the three points above?

Not only is choosing the right paint for the roof, but you also need to know about painting tips. Even though it’s a little, of course, the following tips for painting the roof of the house will be very useful for you. It turns out that there is a difference between painting an old house roof and painting a new roof.

Tips for painting the roof

1). Especially the Old roof

When you feel the old roof is dull, of course, the easiest way is to paint it. Well, before repainting you must first clean it from dirt and moss. Make sure this cleaning process is done in the right way. If not, of course, the resulting color will not be perfect.

2). New roof only

If previously we discussed how to paint an old roof, now is the time for us to discuss how to paint a new roof. Before painting a new roof, you must: Ensure that the roof surface is dry, free from dirt, and free from sticking oil. How to clean it: soak the new roof in clean water. Next, brush off any dirt stuck to the roof and allow it to dry completely. After that, you can paint it using the best paint with the color of your choice.

Guide on how to choose a minimalist home exterior paint

After we discuss more about each component (walls and roof) in more detail. Next, we discuss interesting color combinations to be applied to the exterior of a minimalist home. In general, a minimalist house has a small shape. Not infrequently the shape looks monotonous.

One way to make it look attractive is by applying interesting colored paints. Even though the color of the house is based on your favorite color or your agreement with your partner, of course, you need to also pay attention to choosing the right color.

So that you don’t get confused, some of the colors below can be used as a reference for choosing the right wall paint

1). Brown and Black

This color will be very suitable to be applied if your house is in a very beautiful environment. A wall with a combination of brown and black colors would be very suitable. Especially if you do creative things by lining the walls with wood. If indeed you are applying the wood element to the wall, just apply black paint to each side.

2). Brownish white

White is always successful in attracting attention. The neutral color also makes many people choose white as the base color of a building, including houses. If you choose this color, then you don’t need to hesitate to apply it to all corners of the house walls, both exterior and interior. Feeling too monotonous? Take it easy, you can combine it with brown. Guaranteed, you will have a house with a beautiful and charming appearance.

3). White and gray

When choosing this color, you must combine it with natural rock material. For example, you add some natural rock to the pillar or front wall of the house. Furthermore, of course, you are confused about what color is suitable to compensate for these natural rocks. The most appropriate color is gray. The combination of gray and brown from the rocks will certainly make the house look more natural. Not only that, but you will also be able to feel calm and calm nuances.

4). Tosca

Tosca color, either Tosca green or Tosca blue, is always able to be an attraction. Yes, this is because the color is unique and beautiful. If you are interested in applying this color to the exterior walls of the house, make sure there is a page on the front. The existence of a yard or garden in front of the house can certainly offset the Tosca color applied to the wall. Not only will it look brighter, but your house will also look more natural and feel cool.

5). Blue and White

Do you want to have a house with a more striking appearance? Maybe this one color can be an option. Moreover, the blue color on the exterior of the house, both walls and tiles, is still rarely applied. Even though the attractive color will be able to make the house look very unique.

What color will you choose?

If the color choice is not in the above point, make sure the combination matches. One thing to remember is the importance of color harmony. Never choose a color based solely on your favorite color set without considering other aspects. Each color certainly has a meaning, so that it can display or present a different atmosphere…

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