art deco Interior design ideas

Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Posted on – Arts d├ęcorative or commonly abbreviated as art deco is an architectural style and building interior design that emphasizes the freedom to imagine and create. The style and interior of the building in the art deco style can be expressed as freely as possible, even the designs between one room and another can be made to collide, but still look artistic. This is due to the characteristics of art deco interior design which is dominated by bright and bold colors, exotic motifs, classic furniture, and antique decorations and artworks.

Are you interested in pouring an art deco interior style into your home? Come on, let’s first learn what you need to know about this interior style.


The Art Deco style was born after the first world war, namely in 1925 at a conference on ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes which was held in Paris, France. At that time, the art deco style was not only applied to the exterior and interior design of buildings, but also to the process of making furniture, sculptures, posters, clothing, and even jewelry. The word “Art Deco” itself later developed into a terminology for naming art which at that time was considered functional, modern, and very elegant.

The emergence of this terminology in several reviews and articles in circulation has made the name Art Deco more and more known. Art Deco increasingly gained a place in the art world after a book entitled “Art Deco” by Bevis Hillier was published in America in 1969.

This design style, which had its peak in popularity from 1920 to 1939, took ancient design ideas and inspiration from Egypt, Syria, and Persia. Art Deco design itself is purely decorative, complete with geometric architectural details and solid colors.

Furniture Design Style

To create a stylish and art deco interior design fit in the room, the furniture that is often used in this design is classic themed furniture from the 1920s, such as an armchair with a circular seat and a glass table with a geometric style.

These interior elements become more attractive when combined with the selection of wallpapers, decorative lights, and carpets that also use art deco motifs. Art deco furniture also tends to be large, symmetrical, and contains details in the form of pictures, lines, and other shapes.

Interior Color

Abstract and artistic impression is one of the characteristics of this interior design, so to apply this style you can combine many things, from furniture materials, motifs, and decoration colors. Speaking of colors, solid colors such as gold, silver, emerald green, yellow, indigo blue, black, and silver are typical colors for art deco-style interiors. The combination of these colors can produce a room that looks dynamic and harmonious.

If you want a softer element in your art deco interior design, try using cream and beige colors. These two colors are often applied in the living room, dining room, and bedroom because they will look harmonious with the silver accents and solid colors that have been reviewed above. For dark walls, combine it with light-colored furniture and decorations with metal accents to create a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere.

Furniture And Decoration

Not only color, art deco interior design also recognizes no limitations in the use of materials used for interior elements such as art deco furniture and decorations. Materials such as metal, wood, natural stone, animal skin, and glass can accent this interior style. Art Deco-style buildings also often use concrete as the main material, especially for the walls of the house. The combination of concrete pillars with wood can create a harmonious structure and interior composition.


The use of motifs is a key element in creating a thick art deco interior atmosphere. Some several themes and motifs are often used in art deco-style interiors, including nature-inspired motifs such as motifs of exotic animals and plants, as well as other geometric motifs such as chevrons and trapezoid.

Animal motifs that are usually used consist of tiger skin motifs, butterfly wings, and peacocks. These motifs are then applied to wallpapers, furniture upholstery, and carpets, which can bring the classic and glamorous 1920s interior impression to the room.

Avoid using lace or floral and plaid motifs, because these motifs do not match the characteristics of art deco. Instead, use solid colors and the motifs mentioned above.

After knowing the art deco interior design, are you interested in applying it at home? This art deco interior design concept with a mix of classic and contemporary interiors is perfect for those of you who like old-style interiors from the 20s but still look contemporary, you know! Happy creation and happy living!

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