16 Minimalist Interior paint color to up your home

16 Minimalist Interior Paint Color to Up Your Home

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WEBvisit.me – Home painting is one of the important elements that can complement the interior and exterior of the house. House paint is also very influential to attract the impression and appearance that attracts the attention of both residents and visitors. If home paint is usually accustomed to neutral colors such as white and light gray, 2020 is predicted to have a more attractive and modern house paint color code.

For those of you who want to change the color of the house paint and want to show a minimalist side to home design, you can glance at some references to examples of the latest minimalist house paint in 2020 as follows.

1). Gray Lilac

Lilac ash can be an example of a minimalist home paint outside and inside. This house paint has become a trend since 2019. Even so, lilac gray paint can be applied again in 2020 with a choice of house colors that give a minimalist impression. Lilac ash can be a popular color because it is classic and gives the impression of a room that feels warmer and at the same time fun.

You can apply this minimalist home paint model in the living room or family room by adding various interiors such as sofas, wall hangings, or lamps with brighter matching colors.

2). Light blue

The next minimalist house paint color is light blue. Light blue house paint seems to be a color that never dies. Light blue is one example of a minimalist house paint that will hit again in 2020. The reason is that this color can give a comfortable and pleasant impression.

Light blue can also be applied as an example of minimalist house paint for the front and inside of the house. The light blue color can make the room wider and cooler, so it will provide comfort for the residents of the house. Light blue paint is an example of modern minimalist home paint that you can apply in 2020 as a more casual style.

3). Pastel Blue

After discussing light blue, pastel blue did not forget to be absent as an example of the latest minimalist home paint in 2020. The reason is that pastel blue is widely used by most people because it gives a soft impression and has reflective power for the room to feel cooler.

Pastel blues work well with opposing colors like mustard brown or bright yellow. This is because pastel colors have a bright and youthful tone. Pastel blue can also have a positive effect on views. You can apply this minimalist home car to the inside of the house such as bedrooms and family rooms.

4). Classic Blue

Still about blue, but this blue is a classic blue that is suitable for you to apply as a bedroom paint. Classic blue is certainly not the same as naval or navy blue which is too dark. Classic blue house paint can be the right combination to convey a warm atmosphere. Besides being able to paint the bedroom, the classic blue color can also be an example of a minimalist exterior house paint.

5). Chocolate

An example of a minimalist home paint model that is next is brown. The brown color that can be combined with several colors is one of the colors that is often applied by some people. Because the color brown can be a neutral color that makes the house look classic as well as fun. The combination of brown can be applied in various rooms in the house.

Not infrequently, brown house paint can also be applied outside the home which can offer a soft and of course cool impression. The brown color which has many gradations will give a warm impression and can maximize the light in the room.

6). Mustard

Mustard color can be an example of a minimalist home paint variation. Mustard color is believed to be the most popular color in 2020. Not only a color for clothes, but the mustard color is also able to be a house paint color that displays a calm and sweet impression.

By applying mustard color, the appearance of your home can be matched with other colors such as yellow, beige, brown, and cream. Mustard can also be a bright and friendly color for outdoor wall paint. You can also apply this color to the room, including bedrooms and living rooms.

7). Beige

The next minimalist house paint color is beige. Beige is a yellowish-brown color and also has a grayish element. Beige color will be one of the most popular colors in 2020. Beige color has several types including natural, creamy, and medium. This color is often the color of foundation or makeup, but who would have thought that this color could also be applied to house paint.

Beige is a neutral color that can be a color that offers a calm and elegant impression. Especially if you want to apply it outside the home.

8). Coral

The coral color, which became the icon of Pantone in 2019, is predicted to last in 2020. This color is the equivalent of reddish-orange or dark yellow combined with pink. This house paint can show a cute girly side as well as a soothing color to apply to the family room.

You can apply coral color house paint to instill a warm impression at home. If you apply this sample house paint color, make sure to place furniture such as tables and chairs in matching colors so that the interior of the house looks more beautiful. In addition, coral can also be one of the bright colors of paint for the outer walls of the house.

9). Salem

Salem can be a bright paint color for outdoor walls. Of course, by applying the salmon color, a fresh and sweet impression will be displayed in your home so that it will create a pleasant impression. The salmon color that comes from the color of salmon is one of the colors that will be popular in 2020.

Even though it has a color that is almost the same as coral color, you can apply a more orange color to various rooms in the house. You can also combine various interiors with neutral or dark colors like gray or dark blue to create an interesting combination.

10). Yellow

Yellow paint is an example of a minimalist house paint that can be applied in 2020. Yellow paint can give a cheerful and cool impression. Yellow paint can be applied outside the home or inside the house. Of course, yellow can also be paired with other colors such as white, coral, or pastel. The yellow color can be an example of a trendy minimalist home paint combination.

11). Green

The green color that provides a cool and refreshing feel can be the next choice of minimalist home paint. Based on psychology, green can mean peace and balance. One of the reasons the green color is so popular is because it can give a harmonious and calm impression.

The use of green paint can be applied outside the home and interior of the house. This example of house paint will make every room look special and healthy.

12). Heart red

Red heart paint is a combination of brick red and maroon. The red heart paint color can be an example of a minimalist house paint with the equivalent of dark red, brown, and purple. The red heart paint color can be applied to paint outside the home to show a warm, elegant, and minimalist side at the same time. By using red, the atmosphere of your home will feel more lively and fun.

13). Red

The red color will be the next example of minimalist house paint. Psychologically, color can affect mood. This also applies to house paint colors. Red is one of the most popular colors and will never die. For people who like red, paint their house in this color can enhance a lively atmosphere filled with energy.

Being a choice of minimalist wall paint, red can be applied to the living room or dining room which is believed to be warmer as a means of space for conversations.

14). Rosy Pink

Who doesn’t love pink? Even though it has a girly impression, pink is able to become one of the candidates for the latest minimalist color paint examples in 2020. Rosy pink is a pink color combined with pastel colors to create a soft and cheerful impression.

This color will be a favorite color that can be combined with various interiors such as a red sofa, pink pillows, or a white table.

15). Purple

Although it has been widely used in previous years, purple can be a modern minimalist house paint. Purple house paint can offer a soft, cheerful impression. Purple color that is identical to lavender can be combined with pastel colors or interior that has neutral colors.

16). Tosca

The next example of minimalist house paint is Tosca. Tosca color is predicted to be your favorite color in 2020. This color can show a relaxed nuance and add a positive mood. Tosca color can also be a house paint that is applied to bathrooms, outside the home, and bedrooms. Of course, Tosca colors can be paired with pastel colors, white, and even orange.

So, those are 16 examples of the latest minimalist house paint in 2020 that can be a reference. Hopefully, the information above can be useful!

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