5 elegant black color house exterior inspirations

5 Elegant Black Color House Exterior Inspirations

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WEBvisit – You know, the front of the house is one of the most important elements of a house? How not, the exterior form of the house is the first thing people see, be it guests or other people who pass through it. Most home exteriors use neutral, bright paint colors, such as white, cream, or brown. However, why not try using black?

The reason many people don’t want to use black paint for the exterior of the house maybe because it is considered too dark, boring, and mystical. Its … but make no mistake, black color can give a unique and elegant impression to your home, you know! Still don’t believe it? Come on, take a peek at the attractive black house exterior inspiration from the following WEBvisit!

1). Modern Minimalist Home Exterior Black Color

First, there is a modern minimalist house that uses black paint. However, the porch of this house does not use black, but the natural brown color of the wood it uses. This aims to keep the appearance of the house attractive.

Now, to complete the modern impression, you can add a box-shaped pattern that stands out on the black house facade. Very unique, huh?

2). Black Color Simple House Exterior

Thanks to its neutral colors, black paint applications tend to be suitable for any house model, including this simple and large triangular roofed house. Unmitigated, the exterior of this house is completely covered in black, starting from the building facades, roofs, chimneys, to doors and windows.

This black house is surrounded by green trees, making it stand out even more. If you are afraid that the exterior of the house looks monotonous, just add a few ornaments with bright colors around it, such as various decorative flowers, wall lamps, house numbers, or long chairs.

3). Black color on the exterior of an open plan

Apart from the fact that the house model is different from the others, the application of black to the exterior of this house also enhances its uniqueness, you know! Just imagine if the exterior of the house is not black, but white or cream. Looks normal, right?

The combination of black and brown from wood materials also makes this house look more contrasting and attractive. Well, because the open area in this house is dominated by brown, you can balance it by using various black furniture and decorations, from patio chairs, hanging lampshades, to house window frames.

4). Black color on the exterior of a level house

Furthermore, there is a terraced house model that uses black on the exterior. The design of this house is ordinary, but thanks to the black paint that covers it, the front of the house looks more elegant.

To make it look more vibrant, you can combine black with a touch of white at several strategic points, such as windows, doors, and terraces. Don’t forget to also add some lighting so that the exterior of this black level house still looks charming at night.

5). Black color on the exterior minimalist

A minimalist house with a box shape is also suitable for using black paint, you know! Instead of looking scary and boring, the black color on the exterior of this minimalist house makes it look magnificent and unique. Moreover, the buildings around the house are white, so the black exterior is more attractive. Don’t forget, the combination of brown from the furniture, gray from the stones on the terrace, and the green color from the garden grass and various plants also balance the color composition on the exterior of this house.

How, now it is proven, if black can create a unique and elegant impression on the exterior of a house? However, applying black to the exterior of the house does not mean that the interior must also use black, huh! You can still apply other colors to the inside of your house so that the room looks spacious. Are you ready to change the exterior of your house to black?

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