10 popular bedroom interior design ideas

10 Popular Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – The bedroom is one of the favorite places for each family member. Apart from being a place to rest after a day of activities, the bedroom can also be a place to relax and play games. Judging from its function, room interior design cannot be underestimated or made carelessly.

The interior design of the room should be made based on the desire of the room owner to feel comfortable and make him feel at home for long there. There are several interior designs for this private area. Before building a room, let’s get to know the following 10 most popular room interior designs and choose the one that suits you best!

1). Bohemian Bedroom

Applying bohemian style room interior design means you have to dare to play with motifs and colors. There are no special rules for decorating the interior design of this room. Combining tribal motifs with circles? No problem! Using 5 colors at once in the room is also not a problem.

Another important element in the interior design of bohemian rooms is the use of fabrics with tassels at the ends. These fabrics can be sheets, pillowcases, or throws.

2). Bedroom Eclectic

The interior design of this one room is quite challenging because the colors used are striking colors such as red, blue, and yellow. The main key to an eclectic bedroom interior design is the use of fabric elements. This fabric element can be brought out with carpets, large curtains, or fabric wall hangings.

For example, using geometric motifs on furniture or wallpaper. Commonly used geometric motifs are zigzags, verticals, lines, and circles. The furniture used also usually has curved legs or is made from wrought iron.

3). Victorian bedroom

The interior design of the next room is Victorian. Room interior design like this is usually found in luxury homes and reminds us of a magnificent palace interior. The interior design of a Victorian room usually has a sitting area. In this sitting area, there are several chairs and a soft ottoman for footrests. The furniture used in the interior design of this room is furniture that has carvings on the legs or edges.

Most of the interior designs of Victorian rooms have beds with headboards that are draped with thick, shiny fabrics. Mirrors, paintings, and patterned wallpapers must adorn the walls of the rooms. Do not miss the chandelier from the crystal as a lighting source.

4). Bedroom Shabby Chic

The shabby chic bedroom interior design is one of the interior designs favored by women. The shabby chic interior design itself is a derivative form of the vintage style which uses lots of soft colors.

The motif that is often used in the interior design of this room is small flowers. As a complement, you can use pastel-colored sheets or lacy sheets. For the furniture in this room, use wood material with peeling paint to create a worn and shabby impression typical of shabby chic interior design. The interior design of this room is perfect for feminine girls or women.

5). Industrial Bedroom

The interior design of the next room will suit you with a calm personality. The interior design of this industrial room is identical to the gray color of the concrete walls or floors that are not finished, aka left to look as is. This exposed concrete floor can also be replaced using wooden floors.

This identical gray color can create a cool and cold impression. The furniture used is usually made of metal and iron or wood. The most recommended decoration in the interior of this room is the large aisle lamp used in factories. Or, if you can’t find a tunnel lamp, you can use a variety of decorative lights.

6). Rustic Bedroom

The interior design of this rustic room is popular among the public because it is considered capable of creating an ancient atmosphere in modern buildings. The material used for the furniture is wood without finishing, as in the display table above so that the original color remains prominent.

The walls are usually made of bricks, which are left without paint or paint. The best decorations to decorate the interior design of this room are various antiques and antiques.

7). Scandinavian Bedroom

As one of the most popular interior design concepts in the world, almost everyone knows what Scandinavian concepts are. In general, the interior design of Scandinavian rooms is dominated by all-white colors — from the walls to the floor, although some have used gray or sandy brown in its development.

The material used in this design is wood for floors and furniture. Because Scandinavia is synonymous with simple and natural impressions, the main lighting of this room comes from the sun. Therefore, choose large windows when designing with Scandinavian concepts.

So that the interior design of this room looks not monotonous, you can add decorations in the form of green potted plants in several corners or use a simple patterned pillowcase and a color that matches the concept of the room.

8). Mediterranean Bedroom

Mediterranean room interior designs are usually popular in tropical countries, one of which is Indonesia. The interior design of the rooms, which is influenced by southern European countries such as Greece, Italy, and Spain, is synonymous with the use of natural stone in one of the walls or floors.

The furniture used is usually very large and made of pine wood or what is commonly known as Dutch teak. You don’t need a lot of decorations to decorate the interior design of this room. Meanwhile, for the use of additional furniture in the interior design of this room, you can add a long chair in front of the bed or an easy chair in the corner of the room. If you want to look it up, Dekoruma sells long chairs and chaise lounges, like the inspiration above.

9). Traditional Bedroom

The traditional room interior design has a soft and warm feel. The color that dominates this interior design is brown from the use of wood materials in furniture, ranging from beds, doors, custom cabinets, floors, and dressers. The furniture used is usually large and has simple carvings around it. For lighting, use soft colors like yellow or white but don’t need to be too bright so that it creates a comfortable impression.

10). Minimalist Bedroom

The interior design of the rooms that are most popular among the public is minimalism. The interior design of this room is suitable for both children’s and adult rooms, both boys and girls. The design is timeless, meaning that it is suitable for all ages. When your child gets older, the interior design of this room doesn’t need to be changed according to his age. It’s different if you apply a cartoon-themed children’s bedroom design that must be changed when the children grow up.

The furniture used in this minimalist room has clear but simple lines such as square or rectangular shapes. Neutral colors are also used, such as black, white, and gray. For lighting, use indirect lighting so that sleeping activities can feel more comfortable.

Those are 10 popular bedroom interior designs that you need to know before building a room. So, which design is your choice? Don’t forget, you can make your dream room design come true.