Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Style

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WEBvisit – The concept of modern and minimalist design refers to the function of space that supports the needs and lifestyle of the occupants. The open-plan concept provides flexibility in design and comfort from flowing spaces as well as easy access between spaces. These two design concepts have been applied since the Middle Ages and have remained relevant throughout the ages. This unification of concepts is known as modern mid-century design.

1). Open-Plan Space

The concept of open-plan space is characteristic of modern dwellings with modern mid-century designs. Open space provides a flow of circulation that unifies the space.

The application of open-plan in small houses can be done by recognizing the spaces that can be put together, and separating them from spaces that require privacy by utilizing the structure of the building.

2). Increase visibility

The open-plan concept demands interior details that function optimally. Existing interior details must be functional and beautiful. Finding a balance between comfort and wide visibility is in the hands of architects.

The glass walls and wooden deck between the exterior and interior spaces provide clear boundaries, wide visibility and a well-embodied open-plan concept.

3). Clear boundaries with openness

The exterior appearance of a modern mid-century residence is created from a balance between openings and massive walls. Massive walls provide protection from the road in front of the house with a balanced composition. Massive walls are key to the success of the exterior aesthetic. Massive walls also clearly limit the privacy of the home and the outside world. Additionally, expensive glass walls make massive walls a more economical option.

The application of contrasting colors and the combination of horizontal and vertical lines on the walls and roof beams and the garage provides a simple balance that is natural and beautiful.

4). Everything is in its place.

Well-designed cabinets and shelves make a small house comfortable to live in. The minimalist concept needs to be applied to the storage rack design that is placed between the spaces. Optimize simplicity by including only the necessary elements.

Stairs can be used as an ‘open’ boundary between spaces as well as closer distances from the ceiling to create a more intimate dining room atmosphere.

5). The elements used must have a clear function

An innovative space must be able to use all its elements functionally. A functional beauty and a function that provides comfort, the embodiment of these two thoughts that will create an optimal home for its residents.

The large windows on the bedside walls work great for lighting and expand visibility. Large mirrors are used to “expand” a narrow space.

Think simply and honestly to meet all needs. Likewise with the design of a modern mid-century style house. Take advantage of the simplicity and characteristics of all functional elements to create architectural works that are honest, clear, and naturally beautiful.

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