8 unique and gorgeous minimalist bookshelves

8 Unique and Gorgeous Minimalist Bookshelves

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WEBvisit – Apart from the rapid advancement of technology where smartphones, tablets, and various other gadgets make it easy for you to easily access information and store your favorite e-books, the existence of books in their original form has its unrivaled charm.

For those of you book owners and lovers who want to showcase their existing book collection in style, the existence of a bookshelf is a must. The use of creative minimalist bookshelves is a smart solution that can answer the need for a book storage area, as well as an art object that can enhance your room.

Here we present 8 creative bookshelf ideas that come in a minimalist, ergonomic style, and have a beautiful appearance without forgetting their main function:

1). Stair Shape

Staircase shelves are a trend that can be found anywhere. This bookcase can be used as a storage area for books, as well as for displaying various favorite knick-knacks.

2). With a touch of art

This minimalist bookshelf looks beautiful with or without books. You can use this shelf as a work of art in the living room, and of course you can add some of your favorite book collections to show to anyone who comes to visit.

3). Unique Design

This minimalist bookshelf is unique because it has an alphabet letter design. This bookshelf consists of several modular boxes, with each modular having a lettering design that you can later outline into certain sentences.

4). Tree Shape

Furniture designs that exist today are very diverse and inspired by various things that are around us. This can be seen clearly from the design of this bookshelf which takes inspiration from the forms of trees that you can find everyday.

5). Tangram Bookshelf

The tangram design is a design adapted from an ancient Chinese game that involves the use of a square shape that is divided into 7 parts with different shapes. The combination of the 7 parts will form various configurations including geometric shapes, animal shapes, plants, and other shapes. This design is then used in this bookshelf design.

6). Bookshelf as well as a place to relax

You can use this bookshelf not only as a place to store existing book collections, but also as a place to relax while reading books. Practical and fun.

7). Built-in Bookshelf

This bookshelf is specially designed to blend with the walls of the room. In addition to its unique design, this book storage shelf also has its source of light to make it easier for you to find the book you are looking for in the dark of night.

8). Twisted Bookshelves

This bookshelf design is called a twisted design that looks twisted or coiled from the bottom to the top. Its unique appearance will give your home its touch. You can make a room that seems monotonous even more lively by using a bookshelf like this, especially if you paint it with bright colors.