an elegant minimalist apartment interior design ideas

An Elegant Minimalist Apartment Interior Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Minimalist interior design is known to be simple and functional. The aesthetics can also look elegant from their cleverness, accentuating the beauty of the character from each element that is displayed simply. Simple and elegant, this concept blends in with a minimalist concept. This idiom has often been recognized as a design concept in general, not just in interior design. But ‘Super Simple yet Elegant’, what is the design like? How does it apply to interior design?

1). Contemporary Family Room

The design of the family room which simultaneously functions as a living room in an apartment demands a semi-formal design, which can be used to receive guests and remain comfortable for family members. The simple impression is obtained from the lack of furniture that is included in the design. Every element that exists in space is the only one that really has to be there and function optimally.

A simple impression is obtained from the lack of furniture that is included in the design. Every element that exists in space is the only one that really has to be there and function optimally.

A plain minimalist carpet with a slightly rough texture marks the living room area, differentiating it from the dining room in an open-plan space. The sofas and chairs in the family room have slender legs to create a spacious and elegant impression. The uniquely shaped armless wooden chair reinforces the super simple and elegant impression, deliberately placed with one foot outside the carpet to create a visual integration of the space.

2). Bedroom Apartment

Living in an apartment does not mean losing the opportunity to get comfort from interior design relief visually.

The touch of walnut wood as a cot bed and nightstand, brings naturalness to the bedroom, giving comfort as well as the feeling of being freed from the confines of a concrete box. The dim beauty of the yellow light that bursts from the left and right edge of the headboard’s background, becomes a night light while adding to the impression of elegance. Simple pendant lamp with a long cord-hung 50 cm from the nightstand which is also simple. However, even though it is simple, the combination of the two manages to display a super simple and elegant design.

This natural impression is further strengthened by the brown color on the nightstand, bed covers, cots, carpets, curtains, sofas and cushions that match the rug. The brown color tends to make the space appear dark is balanced with the marble floors, walls, ceilings, and all-white cabinets. The combination of brown and white makes the interior space feel natural as well as a bright and spacious room.

3). Comfortable Children’s Bedroom

Still, with the same concept, the comfort of a child’s bedroom is obtained from the use of wood which features wood grain and natural brown colors.

The long wooden cabinet is supported by a slender leg structure with a simple yet functional form. With a super simple basic beam shape, this cabinet looks elegant, due to the beauty of the wood grain as a natural aesthetic and a simple leg model that shows the strength of the Modern design form.

Clever ideas to solve problems with a simple, honest and functional design, giving birth to a super elegant architectural work.

4). Children’s Bedroom with Good Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is very good for health, especially morning sunlight which contains provitamin D which is good for bone health. A room that gets enough sunlight with maintained humidity will also be free from mites and all germs.

Take advantage of openings in the form of windows or glass doors for access to natural lighting. Pay attention to the position of the sun to optimize the morning sun and anticipate the heat of the sun before the afternoon. Besides being healthy, good natural lighting also saves electricity costs. Again, this time in window design. Large windows go up to the ceiling, from the corner of the room to the structural pillars in the child’s bedroom. The block becomes the crown and makes the top of the curtain look neat and elegant.

5). Smart Cabinet Design Solutions for Minimalist-Style Apartments

Minimalist interior design is synonymous with a neat and clean appearance. A hidden cabinet is located in the open-plan room, in the dining area. When the doors were closed, it looked like a wooden wall. The beauty of the wood grain forms part of the interior aesthetic, juxtaposed with the tones of the marble floor.

6). Comfortable Office Space in Apartments

Having a comfortable office room in an apartment that is limited in size must be good. Even though the area is narrow, the office space in the apartment must be designed optimally. Its work area must also be balanced with the comfort of the apartment as a place to live.

The concept of comfort must also be felt by clients who come. A more relaxed and fresher discussion atmosphere can lead to quicker, more targeted solutions with smart ideas. The design of the work desk and cabinet gives the impression of the office as a formal space. This simple and modern design also gives of simplicity and a desire for well two-way communication.

A good design is not a design that is concerned with aesthetics alone. Moreover, a minimalist interior design must have clear and functional design goals. Super simple design execution with a million meanings and smart ideas behind it, making for an elegant minimalist interior design.