open plan interior design inspiration

Open Plan Interior Design Inspiration

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WEBvisit – Imagine that you walk into the house after work and find a room that is getting smaller because of the clutter. If you start to feel that way, maybe it’s time to use a minimalist home style without a partition.

This open-plan design is a design designed for people who like small house designs without dividers. Removing walls and even doors are believed to reduce the feeling of being stuffy in the house. If you are still worried about how to realize this open-plan design, check out some examples as references below!

Living Room with Dining Room

Although for some people the dining room is not a space that can be shown to everyone, bringing these two rooms together turns out to be one of the most taken options for open-plan designs. By carrying out the same theme, the open-plan design above does not make the atmosphere chaotic it is even more elegant.

Kitchen with Dining Room

Another option that is also not less taken is to remove the wall that separates the dining room from the kitchen. As two-room that are most connected to each other, creating an open-plan design for the dining room and kitchen is a smart and space-saving choice. You can use a separate dining table or add a kitchen island in the middle of the room.

Bedroom with Bathroom

Although not many people like this idea. But removing the barrier between the bedroom and the bathroom has long been done by designers. This kind of open-plan design is easier to find in hotels, resorts, and other commercial rooms. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen yourself at your home.

It’s worth noting that an open-plan design doesn’t have to completely get rid of walls. You can replace it with a portable room divider or glass wall like the design example above.

Bedroom with Balcony

Apart from the bathroom, the bedroom is suitable to be made in the open-plan model if you have a large balcony with fantastic views. The small tropical beach design above, for example, accentuates the natural nuances of the stone wall at the head of the bed. In front of it, you can freely enjoy the panoramic view outside without any dividers.

Bedroom with Glass Walls

As mentioned earlier, an open-plan design doesn’t have to completely remove walls. In the example above, for example, the designer decided to limit the bedroom with glass walls. On both sides, there is a family room with a living room and a kitchen.

This design is suitable for those of you who live alone or along with a partner. Don’t forget to put the curtains on because from time to time you definitely need privacy when guests visit.

Open-plan design is basically not just about removing walls as a barrier but about how you can feel more space, light, and flexibility in the house.