indoor plants decor ideas

Indoor Plants Decor Ideas

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WEBvisit – Everyone craves for a beautifully decorated home. Apart from buying various knick-knacks and accessories, the presence of indoor plants can also provide a fresh and natural touch. Small pots of greenery that you place on a table or in a corner of the room are cheap and easy to find decorations.

Giving a touch of green, including putting ornamental plants in the bedroom, is still a trend today. If you’re interested in doing so, the following examples are a great inspiration to try!

1). Bar Cart Decoration

The presence of plants can actually make edgy decorations softer. The bar chart, which is usually filled with various drinks, has been transformed into a beautiful all-green decoration in this modern apartment. Apart from brightening up the atmosphere, the trolley is easy to move and doesn’t take up much space to place your plants.

2). Green Plants in the Living Room to Give a Tropical Impression

Natasha Denness, a designer at Candy Pop, said that green plants are a favorite decoration because they can give a tropical impression throughout the year. For those of us who live in tropical countries, the existence of plants in this living room gives a fresh feel that makes you feel at home. Cacti and palm trees are some of the options you can choose from.

3). Ornamental Plants in the Bedroom

As a place to rest, the bedroom is definitely the most comfortable place to be. You can give it a touch of freshness by using greenery either hung on the wall or placed on a table. Because it is sometimes inconvenient (maintenance, watering the soil that may spill from the pot), not everyone likes to use real plants. You can replace them with plastic ones that don’t require special care and are much safer.

4). Green Plants in the Workspace

The workspace is a place that sometimes becomes a source of stress for some people. Indoor work plants not only help freshen the air but rejuvenate tired eyes after hours of facing a computer screen. Choose small plants like cacti to put on the table. If you want to put it in the corner of the room, choose palm, ivory betel.

5). Green Plants in the Bathroom

Because the air is humid and the amount of water is sufficient, the bathroom can actually be the best place to put a variety of greenery. Mixing it with interior design is the key to making these plants a boost to the aesthetic value of the room. Check out how the designer combined the glossy white nuances of this bathroom with the green leaves that refresh the eyes.

Green plants are inexpensive and easy to get decor options. Even so, maintenance is difficult and makes many people choose not to put it indoors. With a variety of creative ideas for decorating the room with green plants above, it seems that anxiety is no longer meaningful. If you find real plants too much of a hassle, plastic plants are an equally good choice.