8 mens bedroom design ideas

8 Men’s Bedroom Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – The bedroom is a private room where you can relax or just relax and enjoy your spare time. Speaking of bedroom design, of course, there are striking differences between men and girls. Girls’ bedrooms are synonymous with various decorations and bright and feminine colors. While men’s bedroom interiors are usually simpler, but firm.

Guys usually prefer bedrooms with dark shades, not too many colors, but still elegant. Masculine and gentleman appearance is synonymous with men’s bedroom interior. Many design concepts can be applied to men’s rooms, but still pay attention to the functional side of the decoration and furniture.

For those of you who are looking for ideas for designing a cool men’s bedroom interior, here are some inspirations.

1). Elegant dark color

The interior of this bedroom illustrates the masculinity of men. The entire room is dominated by dark elegant colors. The presence of a walk-in closet adds to the impression of luxury. The additional decoration is quite simple, two large paintings on a white background are the right combination. Accompanied by a pendant lamp for lighting.

2). Make use of natural light

You don’t need a lot of ornaments or lights to design a men’s room. It is enough to take advantage of natural light with the use of large glass doors and windows to make the atmosphere cooler and give the impression of being closer to nature. The wooden floor adds to the warmth of the room so that it makes you feel at home for a long time in the room. You can add a small table next to the bed along with a lounge chair and coffee table, and don’t forget the pastel-colored curtains.

3). Create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere

This bedroom reflects an elegant design with the use of dark colors. Its modern and luxurious interior is shown by its neutral wall palette. The masculine impression is accentuated by the use of stone wall panels and wooden floors to make the atmosphere even more romantic. A pendant lamp with dim lighting creates a mysterious impression.

4). Make a hobby for inspiration

Male personality can be seen from how the room design looks. This sample room depicts a minimalist, comfortable and practical interior with a sports hobby-inspired theme. Some of the shoe collections are placed on the shelves on the left and right sides of the bed. As a wall decoration, lined several skateboards. A design like this is perfect for guys who are active and passionate.

5). Minimalist decor but character

Adequate use of decorations can still make a minimalist room look luxurious and masculine. Choosing the right ornament can break down the colors that give the impression of being monotonous and seeming narrow. Use white on the walls combined with the use of sheets with ethnic motifs, and the addition of a tiny tribal rug will create a strong character. To make it a little festive, add decorative potted plants and study lights that match the walls.

6). A simple bedroom with a Scandinavian design look

The function of the bedroom is to rest and the bed is the most important point. Men’s bedroom interior need not be excessive. The simplest possible design in a Scandinavian style interior without excessive decoration is enough. Because men’s room design is more concerned with comfort and practicality.

7). Neutrality in the form of patterns and colors

Simplicity dominates the entire look of this contemporary bedroom. The masculine look is seen in its neutral pattern design, perfect for single men. Not too much furniture adorns this room. Only a few wall decorations in the form of photographs and chandeliers to enliven the atmosphere.

8). Get better quality sleep with a comfortable mattress

Designing a men’s bedroom is quite simple and practical. Besides the interior, don’t forget to choose the mattress that will be used. Even though the room looks cramped, if the mattress you choose is soft, it will provide perfect comfort. Also, use soft sheets that don’t wrinkle easily so that the bedroom always looks neat and clean.

Applying a men’s bedroom interior design is not difficult, but the most important thing is comfort and practicality for a minimalist look. You can try one of the design inspirations above to apply in your dream home. Good luck!