8 creative ways to use space under the stairs

8 Creative Ways to Use Space Under the Stairs

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WEBvisit – If you’ve ever watched the Harry Potter films, you know where Uncle Vernon put Harry’s room. Yes, at the bottom of the stairs. This idea is increasingly being used, especially for the design of stairs in a narrow house. Instead of leaving the stairs empty, there are many ways to take advantage of it.

Well, if your house is not very large and you need more space for various purposes, you can maximize the excess space under the stairs. Check out an example through the following interesting designs!

1). Cupboard under the stairs

A huge collection of clothes sometimes doesn’t fit into the wardrobe in the room anymore. What if you turn the space under the stairs into a minimalist wardrobe like the example above? Not only can you hang a collection of t-shirts, suits, or dresses that are rarely used.

2). Bookshelf Under the Stairs

Many people make under the stairs of their house a shelf. You can use this shelf under the stairs to store your collection of books and family. Design a shelf with a unique model so that it doesn’t look monotonous. Since bookshelves usually don’t have a cover, try to always keep your collection neat so the room doesn’t look cluttered.

3). Reading room under the stairs

If the bottom of your stairs is wide enough, not only a shelf, you can even make it a reading room. It is enough to add lighting and a soft seat, then the bottom of your household will turn into a favorite corner for all residents of the house.

4). Under the stairs as a workspace

The workspace is a very important part, especially if you work from home. Unfortunately, not all homes have enough space for a work desk. It’s time to outsmart the bottom of your staircase and turn it into the most comfortable corner. A comfortable work corner will make your work or study time invisible.

5). Pantry under the stairs

Most people put their food stock in a room close to the kitchen. Now, there’s nothing wrong with moving the pantry to the bottom of the stairs. If it’s large enough, you can even make it a small storage room with shelves like in a supermarket.

6). Utility Room Under the Stairs

The utility room is a room that is usually used to place the washing machine and various household cleaning supplies such as mops, brooms, and bottles of cleaning products. The utility room is usually built near the kitchen or bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the space under the stairs as a utility room like this one idea.

7). Toilet Under the Stairs

Another function that you can put under the stairs is a toilet. By placing it under the stairs, guests who come can easily access it.

8). Children’s Playroom Under the Stairs

To avoid a messy house, many parents want to provide a special playroom for their children. If you still don’t know where to put it, you can maximize the bottom of the stairs. Add enough ventilation and lighting so that it is not stuffy in it.

Limited space will trigger creativity. Of course, you will find the maximum utilization of the space under the stairs according to your needs. It’s easiest to turn under the stairs into extra storage space. If you want to be neat in an economical way, you can put up curtains to cover the pile of things. good luck