boho scandinavian interior design and decor ideas

Boho-Scandinavian Interior Design and Decor Ideas

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WEBvisit – Entering the Line Tiller residence in El Clot, Barcelona, ​​Spain feels like you are entering a comfortable exile in the middle of the city. The interior design of a small house brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere like houses in Norway, a Scandinavian country. This design concept originated from the Scandinavian countries so it is known as the Scandinavian interior style. Creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere is the choice, because the climate of the Scandinavian country tends to be cold.

The owner of the house, Line, is originally from Norway so it’s no surprise that he instinctively adopted a Scandinavian design style. His tiny residence is 850 ft2 or about 78.97 m2. Line not only adopted the Scandinavian style, but also united it with a boho-chic style.

Boho-chic Style in the Living Room

Adopting a Scandinavian style, the tiny family room only presents essential or needed furniture. The furniture design is not complicated, but it is so simple. The touch of nature is also not left behind. Several ornamental plants are placed in the corners of the room to refresh the atmosphere. Meanwhile, a boho-chic touch is presented through large Moroccan rugs with ethnic motifs, along with wall decorations in the form of paintings.

Patterned Moroccan Rugs in the Dining Room

Another distinctive feature of Scandinavian interiors is the geometric shapes commonly displayed on table legs, chairs, or other furniture. Likewise with the tables and chairs selected in the dining room. The furniture lines are deceptively simple. It looks clean and accentuates wood elements with neutral colors that characterize the Scandinavian style. The natural element is also highlighted in the ceiling, in the form of supporting wood that is left visible. Again, a boho-chic touch is felt in the dining room. Seen from the large Moroccan motif carpet, as well as some artwork on the dining room wall.

Warm Kitchen Atmosphere which is the Center of Attention

The white and light gray colors that are characteristic of Scandinavian interiors are used only in kitchen furniture such as cabinets, shelves, and ceilings. As for the walls, it shows the texture of the original material, namely red brick. Featuring a red brick texture in a small house interior design, it is a luxury in the middle of a modern city. This red brick color is what makes the kitchen very warm. Plus, beautiful golden yellow lighting. It’s worth it if this kitchen is the center of attention, right?

Tiny Workspace in the Corner of the Room

With such limited spaces, one corner of the room is transformed into a workspace. A simple built-in table in white Scandinavian style, designed against the bed and wall. Open shelves with wood textures add a warm feel to the work tabletop. A natural touch is made perfect with ornamental vines and tiny potted plants that refresh the work angle.

Wall Decoration of a Bedroom Tapestry

Usually, the Scandinavian style emphasizes a clean impression without excessive accessories and decorations. However, it is different from this residential bedroom. The walls of the bedroom are not left empty. A beautiful rug from India becomes a wall decoration facing the bed. Plus, a similar cloth is also used for upholstering the bed. This boho-chic feel makes a room feel warm and pretty.

Sweet Corner

This tiny residence is bold enough to fill the corners of the room. The owner placed a chest of drawers and some greenery which refreshed the atmosphere. An antique object in the form of an old polished record player, which has become a unique decoration on a short wardrobe. Not to forget, the painting artwork is placed on the cupboard. This angle shows how sweet the Scandinavian style is.

Dressing Table and Boho-chic

In another corner of the room, a vintage furniture stole the show. Vintage furniture is an old dressing table that has been repainted in deep purple. Added a sink made of copper in the middle. This vintage furniture is even more attractive with the greenery in the corner of the table. The fresh atmosphere is further supported by the bright lighting of the two lamps with clear glass shades, along with a small ethnic carpet underneath. Very unique!

Well, the interior design of Line Tiller’s tiny house is proof that the Scandinavian style can be combined with other styles, such as boho-chic style. The result is a warm, fresh, and unique residence. Even the corners of a small house can be transformed into a favorite place.