an eclectic minimalist apartment

An Eclectic Minimalist Apartment

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WEBvisit – An eclectic style in interior design refers to a design style that combines different elements. Starting in terms of differences in periods, textures, styles, trends, colors, and shapes. Some people often refer to this style as the controlled chaos style. An eclectic minimalist apartment in the city of Kyiv, Ukraine is a successful example of applying an eclectic style to a small residence. This apartment building has historical value that has been maintained. Even at the same time, combining various modern elements to support the comfort of the residents of the house.

Dominate Dark Colors

The use of dark gray that dominates the living room does not necessarily make the room feel dark and gloomy. Relying on decorative panels on the walls and doors of the room, the addition of artwork, as well as corner lamps, successfully offset the dominance of dark colors. Try to pay attention. The artwork in fire color is a painting painted directly on the wall.

Open Plan Concept

The family room, dining room, and kitchen in this eclectic minimalist apartment are combined into one. Creating an open-plan space concept. The use of carpets and fireplaces becomes a visual barrier between the living room and dining room. While the walls are painted in peach pink color, marking the initial boundaries of the kitchen space. Blends nicely with the color of the exposed brick wall on the opposite side.

Eclectic Shades from a Room Lighting Source

The eclectic nuance in this room comes through the use of three bell-shaped lamps on the dining table. Of course, with a different color. Not only that, the lamps that are mounted on the kitchen counter also have different shapes, models and colors. It further strengthens that eclectic impression.

Unique Combination of Green and Gray in the Bedroom

The bedroom in this eclectic minimalist apartment uses a combination of colors that are even more different. When in the kitchen, dining room, and family room, the original color of the brick walls is maintained. While the bedroom walls are painted using green. The installation of perimeter lights on it aims to further accentuate the character and texture of the exposed brick wall.

Meanwhile, you can find shades of gray on the other side of the room. Like the bed and curtains. The globe-shaped pendant lamp above the head of the bed also attracts attention. It turns out that it serves to illuminate the hidden workbench in the area.

Elegant Bathroom

The master bathroom looks elegant with a perfect separation between the shower and bathtub areas. The two areas are located adjacent to a dividing wall equipped with towel hangers. To emphasize the boundaries of the two areas, each wall has a different color. Namely black for the shower area and gray for the bathtub area. The bathroom does not forget to maximize the natural light source from sunlight, by using glass windows in each area.

Black Bedroom

You can also find exposed brick walls in the guest bedroom. The black paint accentuates the exposed brick texture. Similar to the main bedroom, gray is again presented in various furniture. Starting from the bed, sofa, curtains, and carpets. A large mural is deliberately placed against the wall. Give the whole room a relaxed and casual feel.

Exposed brick walls painted green and black in this residence stand out and are exotic. Proving that exposed brick walls can reinforce an eclectic interior feel. Create harmony between rooms by presenting gray elements in supporting furniture. Such as sheets, curtains, carpets, and sofas.