indoor hanging plants to decorate your home

Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Home

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WEBvisit – Having a limited area of ​​space is often an obstacle when you want to put home interior decorations, such as indoor plants. Overcoming this condition, choosing hanging plants is the solution. Applying hanging plants is increasingly in demand, along with the limited availability of outdoor land.

Apart from the type of plant, a pot or basket container is an equally important element to consider. Also, the position must be adjusted so that the presence of hanging plants can effectively support the appearance of the interior. As a reference, here are some hanging plant design creations that you can apply to enhance your home interior.

1). The combination of hanging plants and decorative lights

The first hanging plant design that you can try is quite creative. Plants do not stand alone but are accompanied by decorative lights. The shape of the leaves hanging down together with round lights gives an elegant impression. Hanging plant designs like this are perfect for modern, minimalist, and contemporary themed rooms. Its existence will beautify the corner of the room and on the dining table.

2). Unique with Hanging Orchids

Generally, orchids for the interior are placed on the table as a focal point. However, if you want a different look, making it a hanging plant is interesting to try. Not only using hanging pots but also using wooden sticks. Orchid plants do look more attractive thanks to their way of life attached to the planting medium of logs.

3). Paris Lilies as Hanging Plants

Paris lily or also known as the spider plant is a type of ground cover plant that resembles grass. The color of the leaves is a blend of green with a white outline, making it visually beautiful. The leaves can grow even longer, so it is very suitable to be used as a hanging plant because of the dangling effect. Practically again, you don’t need to use an ornamental pot to hang this plant, because it’s the beauty of the leaf-hanging that needs to be highlighted.

4). Pot Creations for Hanging Plants

In addition to the plants and their pots, the potholder frame also supports the appearance of hanging plants that can be more attractive. Choose a pot holder frame made of iron in the form of a parallelogram or other geometric shape. To make it even more beautiful, hook it using rope embroidery. Its simple but unique appearance is perfect for minimalist and modern themed rooms.

5). Hanging Plants Hanging on the Dining Table

Not only with a hanging pot system, but the next hanging plant design idea also applies the concept of installing a trellis on the roof of the room. This trellis is the place to put ornamental plant pots. Apart from providing a different alternative, the results form a stronger modern impression.

6). Artistic Hanging Plants

Want a look that looks luxurious? The combination of hanging plant designs with a wooden ornament wall background instantly gives an artistic effect to the room. Hanging plants are spread out in front of the wall, which is useful for forming a non-monotonous appearance. What also makes it beautiful is the round pot shape. Some are large and some are small as well as a varied selection of plants, some are blooming and some are dangling. Very pretty, right?

7). Hanging Plants as Window Ornaments

Not to be outdone, hanging plants will also look attractive if they are used as decorations on the windows. Moreover, with the creation of a circle-shaped pot holder, hanging plants look much more beautiful and trendy. Putting it near the window is perfect for you to try. Especially, if you have settled on using plants that need direct sunlight.

8). Knitting Rope with Ferns

In addition to choosing lush, dangling types of plants like ferns, the design of the hanging rope also adds to the appearance. The use of crochet rope as a potholder adds to the aesthetic touch. Hanging plant designs like this are perfect for rooms with classic, rustic, traditional, eclectic, and boho-chic themes.

Make the following list of hanging plant design trends as a reference to add an aesthetic touch in the room. Free your creations by involving personal taste, or take advantage of items at home. Don’t forget to choose the right plants, namely the types of indoor plants so that the plants can grow well.