8 fabulous modern garden designs and ideas

8 Fabulous Modern Garden Designs and Ideas

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WEBvisit – Modern style gardens are synonymous with plants that are easy to care for and have a strong natural touch. Besides, modern gardens are also synonymous with decorations and decorations such as fountains or ponds. In fact, with the addition of a few lounge chairs and a coffee table, you have the extra means of enjoying the fresh air at home. This time WEBvisit will provide some inspiration for a modern style garden that is super cozy and beautiful.

1). Comfortable Semi-Closed Garden

Modern gardens are often extensions of the terrace area of ​​the house, the top of which is shaded by a roof. So, the garden area can be a place of shade and avoid the heat. However, other parts are deliberately left open so that the plants still get enough sunlight. It looks comfortable, make you relax in the hot morning!

2). Simple Modern Garden for Yards

Even though you have a small yard, you can still create a modern style garden on your terrace. The area of ​​land planted with needlegrass still provides an infiltration area and is effective in bringing a green garden atmosphere. Supported by the arrangement of several types of plants and plants in pots, adding to the beautiful atmosphere when sitting relaxed on the front porch.

3). Beautiful Modern Tropical Garden

Garden decoration can be very simple. However, it can still look beautiful if it is supported by all-natural attributes and carries a tropical theme through the selection of plant species to rocks. To strengthen the modern impression, don’t hesitate to add water features such as fountains or mini pools.

4). Garden where to relax in the backyard

It doesn’t take a lot of space to create an extra relaxing place in your home. Enough in the form of a comfortable and beautiful garden. To make them, you only need to grow hydrangeas and other small plants that tend to be easy to care for. Place lounge chairs and tables in the middle of a garden surrounded by flowers. Enjoy the warm afternoon air!

5). Green Back Garden

Hydrangeas or flower hydrangeas are among the most popular plants to accentuate a modern garden touch. The hydrangea, which resembles a wedding flower bouquet, can enliven the appearance of the back garden amidst lush plants. You will often have beautiful tea in the afternoon, here.

6). The Right Garden to Create Warmth

Chatting warmly with family members will be more fun if done in an outdoor space, you know! Decorate your beautiful garden with carpeted grass. Don’t forget, provide a dry area to place a lounge chair. Equipped with yellow lighting that accentuates tree details, create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for casual chatting with family or partner.

7). Neat and Beautiful Garden

Some people may prefer to limit space so that their plants do not grow erratically. If you are one of them, you can try a dry garden model by making clear boundaries for the area of ​​plant growth. This way, you will still have a beautiful and tidy garden that is easy to care for.

8). Rooftop Garden Design

Parks don’t always have to be on the ground floor! If you have more space on the roof and want it to be a place to relax, there’s nothing wrong with trying to turn it into a modern garden. Equipped with a privacy fence, immediately provides a more comfortable and relaxing garden.

There are many ways to create your version of a modern garden. Make sure you always choose your plants with care, as the modern garden concept is not compatible with hard-to-care plants like roses. Next, don’t forget to add natural rocks or water-related decorations. Also, the most important part of a modern garden is that you have to arrange it more neatly and orderly. Good luck!

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