wonderfully stylish mid century modern bedrooms

Wonderfully Stylish Mid-century Modern Bedrooms

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WEBvisit – Modern mid-century design style refers to the design styles of the mid-20th century, or sometime between the 1930s and 1970s. This design style is known to have a simple character and is integrated with nature. The appearance of buildings that apply a modern mid-century style generally has a flat roof, large glass windows, sliding glass doors, and a clear appearance of regular geometric lines.

The application of modern mid-century design styles can of course be applied to all areas of the house, including bedrooms. For those of you who like flexible color games, mix and match materials and textures, as well as organic and geometric patterns, the following inspiration will be very interesting for you to apply to get a bedroom with a modern mid-century style.

Simple Modern Mid-Century Bedroom

The first modern mid-century bedroom idea will give you a comfortable impression once you enter it. This bedroom is designed so simply. Large glass windows are the main highlight that provides direct views outside the house. Rooms wrapped in soft colors such as olive green and mustard are a factor that exudes a sense of comfort. Not much decoration is needed, considering the view outside the window is already so charming.

Bedrooms Integrated with Nature

The next modern mid-century bedroom design looks very integrated with nature. Try to present the natural texture authentically through the wallpaper with dark tree motifs, and the wrinkles on the blanket which are also dark. The room elements seem to interact with the trees just outside the bedroom glass window.

Comfortable and Dazzling Color Domination

There are tips so that the dominance of neutral earthy tone colors in a modern mid-century room is far from being boring. The uniform design and shape of the supporting legs in the form of tapered legs on the bed and small cabinets give a light impression. Plus, the use of white fur rugs gives a texture for a comfortable impression in the room. Then, the brick pattern on the bedroom wall becomes a backdrop that enhances the look of the room.

Maximize Use of Natural Materials

One element that is often used in modern mid-century interiors is natural materials, especially wood. Feel free to incorporate this element into every aspect of the room, like the one in this bedroom. Wooden floors, beds, and headboards are made of real wood which gives a warm impression to the bedroom. A chair by the bed has both a functional and decorative aspect at the same time. The woven model and the color of the chairs are similar to the original wood on the headboard.

Game of Patterns and Geometric Shapes

The hallmarks of modern mid-century design that can also be applied when you design a bedroom are geometric patterns and shapes. You can use geometric patterns and shapes in many aspects. Starting from wallpaper, paintings, patterns on pillowcases, carpets, applying patterns as accent walls, or curtains.

Give it a retro-chic touch

Don’t get in your way of adding a touch of other styles to a modern mid-century design. For example, retro style. You can do this by adding certain furniture or elements that have a retro characteristic. This one bedroom has all the characteristics of a modern mid-century style such as wood elements for almost all parts of the room, and of course large glass windows. The retro touch itself comes from the egg hanging chair which is an icon from the retro era, plus a line of artwork with metal frames.

What you need to remember, the stage that plays an important role is when choosing furniture. Make sure you have chosen furniture that supports modern mid-century style appropriately. Just one touch of furniture can have a significant impact on perfecting the modern mid-century look. A sofa with a contrasting color, a carpet with geometric motifs, or a chandelier with a unique shape, will dramatically strengthen the texture. Good luck!