the magic of moroccan garden design

The magic of Moroccan garden design

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WEBvisit – For a traveler, Morocco is a dream country to visit. Its specialty, this country which is located at the northern tip of Africa and borders with Europe has many interesting tourist objects. The beauty of the building with its stunning architectural peculiarities always attracts tourists to visit.

Historical and geographical factors are the main reasons why the architecture of this royal state is unique. The influence of the adoption of Islamic architecture is also very significant, both for construction, ornaments, and gardens.

Regarding the garden, the architectural features of the Moroccan style can be seen through symmetrical patterns. Water elements, such as pools and water features, are also the main features of Moroccan garden designs. As for the softscape elements, not only typical Middle Eastern plants such as palms or cacti, but plants with lush and dense characteristics are also widely used.

If you are interested in this Moroccan design, here are some examples of gardens that carry the beautiful and stunning Moroccan Style concept.

1). Alhambra Palace Gardens

Incomplete if you talk about Moroccan style architecture and landscapes without including the Alhambra as the top list. The Alhambra is a medieval Islamic heritage palace complex in Granada, Spain. The architectural style of this historical palace from the Umayyads has adopted Moroccan architecture.

One of the most famous parts of the garden in the Alhambra is the Generalife. This garden is very characteristic of 14th century Islamic and Moroccan gardens. This can be seen from the presence of a pond in the middle of the garden, a fountain, and plants on either side. The garden area itself was used as a summer palace.

2). Water Features with Mosaic Ceramics

If you want to bring a Moroccan atmosphere at home, a small garden concept like this can inspire too. The water feature using a ceramic mosaic is the main element. Also, exposed stone walls and orange trees are supporting elements. Yes, don’t forget that Morocco is also famous for its citrus fruits.

3). Characteristic Symmetrical Patterns

The above garden is part of a hotel in the city of Marrakesh, Morocco. The garden is designed with a Moroccan concept inspired by the Alhambra. The symmetrical pattern with the pond in the center immediately reminds us of Islamic garden architecture. Meanwhile, the feel of Morocco itself can be seen from the architecture of the building such as the arch pattern on the door frame, detail of the poles, to the ceramic floor motifs.

4). Park Courtyard

This is the courtyard garden of a very famous Marrakech inn. The inn called Le Riad Yasmine has become so popular because of the very thick Moroccan atmosphere. The characteristic of Moroccan gardens can be seen from the use of brightly colored ceramics in the pond, ceramic motifs, soft colors on the beds, to the elements of plants and the dry garden around them. Not surprisingly, this courtyard is a favorite spot for visitors to take pictures.

5). Dry Garden with Bright Colors

Moroccan style gardens do not always feature muted colors. The use of bright colors on ceramic elements to paint the building looks stunning. As in the garden above, the influence of Moroccan and Islamic architecture is prominent from three things, namely the symmetrical pool, desert plants, and the curved pattern of the building. Meanwhile, the bright blue represents a modern Moroccan garden.

6). Lush Moroccan Gardens

Even a lush garden can exude a Moroccan style garden design. Apart from the choice of plant species, the Moroccan style is evident in the use of ceramics and lantern lamps. The color represents a warmer impression, further enhancing the Moroccan nuance which usually uses earthy tones.

7). Moroccan Gardens at the Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is a palace built in the late 19th century in the city of Marrakesh, Morocco. This palace is a historical monument and is now very well known as a tourist attraction. The feel of Morocco is so strong. Both the building and the garden, clearly show the Moroccan style architecture. The large and symmetrical garden area is further enhanced by the patterned color ceramic tiles.

8). Gazebo in the Middle of Moroccan Gardens

Reminiscent of gardens in palaces, the existence of a gazebo is not only a functional element, but also aesthetic. Likewise in the Moroccan style garden, especially the eight square gazebo will give a distinctive nuance. However, unlike other gazebos, there is a pond with a fountain filling the center. Not to forget, the ceramic mosaic is an important part so that the feel of Morocco is even stronger.

Now, you know the essentials of a Moroccan style garden. Are you increasingly interested in applying it in your home garden? Don’t hesitate to compliment the garden with a personal touch. So, get ready to have a dream garden that will amaze you and anyone who visits.