perfect studio apartment layouts to inspire

Perfect Studio Apartment Layouts to Inspire

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WEBvisit – At first glance, this apartment room looks very contemporary. The residence is in a building that has been around for a long time, around 1906. Although it is an old building, the shape of the building is still well maintained and looks charming. The total area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis tiny studio apartment is only 21 square meters.

Due to its limited area, designers have applied the concept of bulkhead visually. Namely, the division of room functions is marked by a game of color. For example, it can be seen in the tall black wardrobe unit that stands between the bed and sofa, which becomes a striking partition in the room.

A touch of bright color makes it like new

Who would have thought that this apartment building had been around for more than a century? The choice of bright and varied colors will make you think that this is a new building. Besides, the dominance of gray and white used in the entire apartment space is effective in forming a modern and mature impression. Natural colors which are the basic colors are useful for forming the impression of a room that feels wider, cooler, and brighter.

A small comfortable sofa that fits perfectly into a studio apartment

Want to know what makes your living room look nice and warm? A small, dark soft sofa furnished with comfortable cushions and a feather blanket. See how the contrasting colors of the orange pillows combine with the green of the plants for a fresh and unique look.

Elegant black kitchen cabinet

Opposite the small sofa, the black kitchen cabinet stands elegantly. The black color of this cabinet is also in line with other storage areas around it. In an apartment with a limited area like this, you need to be careful in choosing a storage area. If wrong, the room will feel cramped and cramped. Take an example of this apartment that optimally makes full use of vertical or wall space as a storage area. Although using a dark wardrobe color, the glossy white backsplash manages to prevent the room from looking gloomy.

Small dining table with minimalist decoration

Have a small apartment but still want to have a dining table? Choose a small dining table that sits right next to the kitchen like this. Besides functioning as a dining table, this table is also a place for you to prepare a variety of ingredients, you know. Decorate the table with a modern fruit bowl and a set of decorative candles for a classier look.

Aesthetic kitchen

In a studio apartment design that combines several room functions into one, you should make each room look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, as a place that is often considered a dirty area, the kitchen in an apartment must also be designed as attractive as possible. Use a variety of kitchen utensils that can support room decor, such as cutting boards, cooking oil bottles, spice containers, or knife storage. Choose an attractive storage place so that the kitchen does not look monotonous.

Multipurpose hallway for storage

Wall-mounted coat hooks, keep the hallway near the entrance tidy. Provides an easy-to-reach place for a thick winter coat. Due to limited storage space, clothes with thick and large shapes should not be stored in a small, narrow cupboard. Because it will take up more space. Practically again, this entrance hall is also equipped with a small sink in the corner of the room. Makes it easy to wash your hands after traveling from outside.

Simple bed furniture

No need to enter a large table, you can consider a minimalist bench as a practical bedside table. Want more efficient tips? Install a wall shelf above the head of the bed for extra storage as well as an attractive wall decoration. The bed is deliberately designed using tribal patterns and geometric patterns. Automatically, giving the room a unique look and accent. Then, it is further enhanced with minimalist artwork displays that complement the whole modern look.

Green plants in various corners of the room

Several little green plants were scattered all over the space of this tiny apartment. Plants make the room feel more welcoming and seem to provide cleaner air to the entire apartment space.

The ideal tiny bathroom

Confused decorating a small bathroom? With the right storage and color, of course, you will have a small bathroom that is comfortable to use. This bathroom uses a lot of geometric patterns as accents. The use of monochrome colors such as white, black, and gray dominates the entire appearance. Vertical storage is still a mainstay for bathrooms.

Balcony with small garden

Do not miss it, the balcony area was maximized to become a cozy and stylish place to relax. Decorated with colorful fabric cushions, plus decorative flowers in matching colors, it immediately displays a cute and comfortable little balcony. Besides, the small table makes this limited outdoor area an adequate gathering area. For a little garden accent, hook the potted plants on the fence to create a fresh mini garden.

It’s possible to create a studio apartment type that feels airy and comfortable. With careful design planning, from choosing colors and materials to implementing the open plan concept, it is possible to produce an attractive renovation of an old apartment. This tiny studio apartment looks totally at home, doesn’t it?