8 best balcony garden ideas and design

8 Best Balcony Garden Ideas and Design

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WEBvisit – The balcony is usually used as a place to relax and breathe fresh air. The existence of a balcony at home is considered an outdoor area to replace a garden. Therefore, the balcony should be arranged properly and appropriately to provide more comfort for the homeowner.

But what often becomes an obstacle is that the size of the balcony is generally small, even tends to be narrow. This makes homeowners often inconvenienced if they have to arrange their balconies. Moreover, if you want to make the balcony into a small garden, it will be difficult to realize.

This is the time for you to try to be creative. Because the size of the room is no longer an obstacle to creating a relaxed mood. Follow these tips to create a beautiful little garden on the balcony of the house.

1). Make use of a balcony fence

The narrow area makes efficient use of space a necessity that cannot be negotiated. If you have to force putting lots of pots on the balcony floor, it means you have to reduce space for other things. One of the tips that can be considered is to use a balcony railing as a place to place plants. Take full advantage of the fence as a growing medium for vines.

2). Make use of the corner balcony

Tables and chairs are important elements when using the balcony as a relaxing space. Unfortunately, the space needed for tables and chairs is usually quite large. To outsmart, choose a suitable table shape placed in the corner of the available balcony. This also applies if you want to put the sofa. You can choose a sofa chair that is in the form of a corner so that it fills the corner of the balcony.

3). Minimizes objects standing on the floor

The next small balcony garden idea is to minimize objects that are standing or attached directly to the floor. This is because objects attached to the floor will visually appear fuller. Therefore, choose objects that are hanging. One way is to choose a hanging chair or swing chair. The fun thing is, using a swing chair like this can provide space on the floor for other balcony garden elements such as decorative stones or plants.

4). Beautiful Light

The balcony is a favorite place to relax at night after a tiring work. For the balcony to look beautiful and attractive, present the lighting element as a supporting decoration. The addition of decorative lights will make the balcony like a home garden that is comfortable to live in, either alone or with family members.

5). Productive Balcony Garden

Urban farming is a trend that is in great demand by residents in big cities. One of the areas in the house that can be used for farming activities is none other than the balcony. Yes, the activity of planting on the balcony is very potential because it generally gets enough sunlight. Applying urban farming not only makes balconies beautiful as gardens, but also productive.

6). Make use of the balcony roof

Hanging plants are a clever tip to outsmart a lack of space. Optimize the balcony roof area as a place to hang potted plants. With the selection of the right types of plants, hanging plants will give the impression of a refreshing tropical garden on the balcony of the house.

7). Color Selection

In the world of design, color is a very important element to pay attention to. Color is believed to give nuances and impressions to an object and be able to influence other objects. Likewise in the balcony garden. The play of colors must be precise to create harmony.

Choose a color that matches the color of the plant. Because the space is not large, you can take safe tips, namely not to play with too much color. If necessary, choose pastel or light colors to give the impression of space on a narrow balcony.

8). Optimizing the Wall

The last tip for your cool balcony idea is to make optimal use of the existence of a wall on the balcony. If placing plant pots is too space-consuming, then you can choose the vertical garden concept. The existence of a vertical garden like this will immediately give the impression of being natural and fresh because the eye is directly focused on the dominance of plants.

Maximize the function of the balcony as an outdoor space for relaxation when you are at home. Arranging a cool balcony garden, of course, will arouse the desire to linger enjoying the outside air. Never hesitate to spill the creations you like. Because there is no place more comfortable and warmer when you have a balcony design that meets your expectations. And feel the joy of relaxing with your family.