genius storage ideas for small spaces

Genius Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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WEBvisit – The storage area is one of the things that must be considered in the house. Various kinds of equipment both in the kitchen, family room, or other rooms in the house require storage racks. This is sometimes what will take up a lot of space in the house. Not to mention if the equipment is quite a lot. Here are some smart tips for storing things and saving space for small homes.

1). Vertical Storage of Goods

For houses that are not large enough, one way to outsmart them besides using furniture is a vertical storage area. More space is wasted vertically because of the unused height between the floor and the ceiling. Therefore, installing a vertical shelf on the wall is one way to take advantage of the space in the house. But not just a shelf, give an interesting touch so that the shelf looks attractive and is also comfortable to look at.

2). Storage on the Floor

For your own house, this one storage can be an idea in itself. The floor in the house can be designed with a camouflaged hidden area. Besides being easy to store and retrieve, the storage area on the floor also doesn’t make you worry if things fall like when placing items on a vertical shelf.

3). Using Multi-function Furniture

Design furniture that can be used not only as a table or chair but also as storage space. Like the dining chair under which there is an empty space to store items. Or a dining table with drawers for storing cutlery so that it is easier to reach and also not scattered in the kitchen.

4). Making Portable Shelves with Wooden Planks

One storage area that can also be used to display collections is this wooden board shelf. Not just an ordinary shelf, this shelf is designed to be portable so that every board that is tucked into the wood can be removed and installed according to your wishes and needs. In addition, the distance between the wooden planks for placing goods can be adjusted according to the height of the goods. By attaching wooden planks to the walls, various items can be hung. Unique and also beautify the room.

5). Designing Built-in Furniture

Storage space to save space in the house is not always about collectibles. The need for a lot of space, of course, requires saving space in various ways. One of them is hiding a room that is not used for a certain time. As in the picture, the stairs to the bedroom can be hidden into the shelf and give more space in the room.

6). Arrangement in accordance with goods and uses

Store items not to be scattered and carelessly. Arrange your belongings according to their function and form. Keep it in one place and provide identification so you don’t take the wrong item when it is needed. This will also save time when looking for items because they have been placed in their respective categories in the room