the best inspiration french country decor ideas

The Best Inspiration French Country Decor Ideas

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WEBvisit – French Country has its own fans, in contrast to designs that are currently becoming a trend such as minimalist, nordic, and industrial styles, french country style has a different style. This design has a distinctive ornament of a French rural touch that looks elegant in simplicity.

How to create home decor with French Country style nuances?

1). Smooth and warm color choices

The color element in a French country style house shows softness and warmth with the addition of contrasting colors in furniture or household furniture. This color will bring out a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Color choices are usually tan, beige, soft yellow, soft gold, bright red, light green, dark green, cobalt blue, and soft ocean tones. For furniture, you can use rustic or white antique colors.

Dark gray and light gray can also be applied to wood or decoration materials. Furniture with metal and rustic elements, as well as wall or table lamps with beautiful lines and details. The walls can use pale plaster colors with wooden blocks that are still rough. Then the colors on the fabric can be mixed and matched on a sofa or furniture.

2). Material

Another important element of a French country style house is a natural material. Roughly stained or painted plaster walls, thick beamed ceilings and walls, finely carved wood details, and simply woven armchairs give texture and simplicity to the look. Natural stone floors are also often used in French country-style homes, usually added with a carpet made of wool or cotton.

Then the hallmark of a french country style house is a fireplace with stones, then thick wooden beams on the ceiling area, other details are decorations from clay, copper pots, and accessories from wrought iron on the walls.

3). Architectural form

Materials used in France often appear in architectural features that attract attention. Examples such as stone walls and floors, heavy wooden beams and wooden ceilings, and irregular plaster walls form a simple but elegant style of home. On the surface of the floor is usually a rough shape made of stone, clay, or brick. The beams in the ceiling of the room also give off a warm and simple impression.

The high window design is in the form of boxes with glass. The fronts of the windows are more protruding to protect the windows from the sun in summer. Windows and doors are usually surrounded by vines.

In the room is equipped with cabinets with carved designs and or panels sometimes also with simple trim for storing clothes, linen fabrics for bedroom equipment, and in the kitchen area there is also a cupboard for storing furniture and tableware

The dining table area usually uses a large dining table which can be rectangular or round, with or without wood veneers. Details on the dining table usually use simple carved legs and dining table stools with curved designs on the back or with vertical slats.

4). Decoration

The interior of the house with a french country style has a combination of simple, soft, and seem warm. Wicker baskets of rattan or wire, colorful ceramics, carved pieces of wood, Chinoiserie pottery, and natural plants are commonly used in this style. Then old paintings, with dark colors, or colors for wall decorations.

For interior design equipment made of fabric, you can use toile motifs, which are traditional designs from France with a white, cream, or yellow base color with contrasting motifs in black, blue, red, or green.
The theme of the toile usually contains stories or paintings of farm animals, Chinese patterns, 18th-century rural scenes. Usually, this pattern is printed on linen or cotton fabric.

Other motifs that can be used for fabrics or furniture, or decorations are chicken, olive, sunflower, grape, lavender, and beetle motifs.

Place flowers or natural plants in several areas, and the nature of the woven basket, old teapot or copper pot, and use clay pots for indoors or outdoors, making sure you can see the beautiful plants or flowers from the window of the house. If typical French plants cannot grow well in Indonesia, use artificial plants such as lavender, geraniums, or artificial olive plants.

Put the pots of colored or soft colors with flowers earlier in the area of the dining table, kitchen table or coffee table, do not use pots with fine porcelain is better if you use a large glass bottle or jar or tableware that also functions as a pot.