10 beautiful side yard design ideas

10 Beautiful Side Yard Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Having a large area of ​​land is a very useful advantage for anyone who likes beauty, because of course many areas can be designed beautifully. If in general, many residents of minimalist homes today are preoccupied with the design of the front yard and the back yard area of ​​the house, then for those of you who have a large enough area, using the side of the house as a side yard is a very interesting idea.

Your side of the house can be the perfect place to create a small yard with a path, then add a small table and chairs to relax from some time. Surely many people who want to have a private side yard compared to the front yard which is the main activity line for guests who come.

There are many side yard design ideas that can be used to create a more beautiful and natural side area of ​​the house. Not only as a yard, usually the side of the house is used for the second door that leads to the back of the house.

Here are some house side yard design ideas that you can chocolate:

1). Decoration of the side area as a street

Instead of leaving the area on the side of your house, make it a yard. Having a small yard next to the house can make a big difference in home design, especially if you put paving stones for the yard path.

The yard next to the house can create a cool feel in your home. If you have a window in the room that leads to the side yard, it will keep your house cool all day long.

Tips : You can add some plants next to the path that leads to the back door or garage.

2). Make stone paths for serenity

The side of the house is the perfect setting for the landscape. By adding natural stone trails and a wide selection of gorgeous plants, the will guide you along the yard path.

You can design a side yard as beautiful as possible, want to add natural stones that fill the yard path, or arrange it like a path with a unique shape, choose an arrangement that suits your taste.

On the other hand, not everyone wants a yard filled with many plants that require a lot of water or soil, so it requires quite troublesome maintenance.

Tips : For yard paths, you can limit the area of ​​natural stone paths – if using gravel, with bricks for a nice aesthetic look. You can add hives or vegetable crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and so on.

3). Make sure the yard is shady and functional

Take advantage of every place in the house area. If previously the yard path could be directed to the kitchen or garage, then you can also direct the yard path directly to a place to relax, especially under a shady tree on the side of the house.

Tips : the path in the park is not just a straight path for walking in the middle of the park. You can add a few gaps to distinguish the types of plants, or limit them with a small fence so that your plants are not disturbed by pets and children.

4). Look beautiful with curved shapes

Art and decoration lovers will love this. Not all side yard designs are simple in design with straight paved yard paths. you can design it more beautiful and unique with a curved shape. The curved curves in some parts of the side yard are a good way to portray a perfect landscape idea.

5). Unique and simple paving

You can still create a side yard between other buildings such as a garage or warehouse. In order not to be monotonous, add flower plants so that the minimalist yard in the middle of the building looks colorful.

Tips : add some paving to create a path. Leaving the large yard open and adding a few small trees and flowers will make the yard simple and more beautiful and beautiful. You can add a yard door as a gateway to the yard.

6). A special ornamental plant

You have to be creative in designing a minimalist yard next to the house. To look more beautiful and look different, you can turn used items into yard decorations.

The park must also be leveled with the ground, you can add a vertical garden in the garden design next to the house. It is better if you add flowers that smell good, such as roses, jasmine, frangipani, and so on.

Tips: Use used items to make unique pots that can be applied in the garden or hanging in the fence area.

7). Create a hedge to make it more natural

If you aim to design a side yard, not a wall fence is the solution, but a natural fence which besides making your activities more private can also create a natural feel in the yard.

8). Paving and decorating with potted planting

It’s impossible if you want to make a side yard in an area that is already paved. Nothing says you have to have a natural garden to enjoy nature. Even on paving, you can still create a beautiful, clean and beautiful side yard.

9). Combine stone, paving and fencing

Creating a minimalist garden like a fairy tale is not a difficult thing if you are creative. You can combine natural stone, paving, and fences to compliment the yard next to your house to make it look more beautiful.

10). provide a place to relax

If your side yard is close to other buildings or several of them, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a place to relax. Decorating a beautiful and charming side yard is sure to distract you from anything around. so you can still relax for a moment in a small yard.

Tips: Don’t forget to add a small table and chairs so you can relax perfectly while enjoying your yard decorations.