23 beautiful small garden design ideas you can do it

23 Beautiful Small Garden Design Ideas You Can do it

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WEBvisit – Everyone will want a beautiful garden in the yard, just imagine in the afternoon sitting relaxed while drinking coffee, accompanied by green scenery and classic songs in the garden itself. A perfect relaxation. “But, what if I have a small plot of land, can I design it?” Don’t be confused if you have a narrow area, a minimalist garden can be the right solution for you.

Designing a garden in a narrow area is challenging, but this can also be an advantage over ordinary large gardens. Because the land is small, efforts and maintenance costs are also very minimal. In addition, you can also concentrate fully on the theme details and accents that you provide for your small garden. Still dizzy want to make a garden like and how to do it? Just follow the 23 beautiful garden ideas from WEBvisit!

1). Take advantage of the Side Area of ​​the House

In a minimalist home area that stands on a narrow area, you must be smart to take advantage of space. Try to see the small yard next to the kitchen or next to your bedroom. Well, this space you can conjure into a small and beautiful garden.

2). Create a Minimalist Garden on the Balcony

You can also make a garden on your balcony. Indeed, one of the characteristics of a minimalist home is that the architecture does not widen, but rather overlap. So, don’t let the upstairs balcony be idle, make this area a minimalist garden. Because it’s on the top floor, there’s no way you can suddenly plant plants on the floor. Therefore, potted plants are the most appropriate choice of plants. You can put the pots of these plants around the balcony and also hang them.

3). Open Grass Area

So that the narrow area of ​​the garden looks wider, you can design a garden like this one. the way is you should just put the puzzle grass without any plants in the middle of the garden. This grass area will be the right focal point to make the garden look more spacious. Furthermore, you can add other plants around the grass area to add to the beauty of your garden.

4). Minimalist Pot

Planting plants directly on the yard can sometimes make a messy and narrow impression. Therefore, try to place the plants in a row in a minimalist cement pot to adjust the shape of the available space so as to make the garden look more compact.

5). Garden in the corner of the terrace

There is no reason for a narrow land for a minimalist garden. You can choose one corner of your porch and turn it into a garden with colorful flowers. Although small, but this garden still adds to the freshness and aesthetics of your home.

6). Minimalist Garden on the Stairs

Not infrequently the main part of the house is made higher than the terrace or yard. This is usually done to avoid things like being flooded. Well, growing plants in the stairwell and adding grass can also be an alternative to your minimalist garden.

7). Pair with gravel

Instead of beautifying the home page, excessive placement of plants will give the impression of a mess. For this reason, you must be smart to adjust the composition of the garden so that it looks right with the available land. Combining plants with rocks can make the garden neater and not monotonous.

8). Add Water Element

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of urban life, the natural sound of water splashing can awaken peace of mind and soul. For this reason, adding a pond and small fountain will give more meaning to your minimalist garden.

9). Make it Functional garden

The basic concept of minimalism is to uphold simplicity and prioritize function. A garden with a grass bed is an example of a functional minimalist garden model. No need to add a sofa, you can relax on a natural mattress made of grass.

10). Roof Gardening

Still remember the characteristics of a minimalist home? Yes, the roof is not triangular but rather flat. Well, you can enable this flat roof for roof gardening. Enjoy your morning and evening by relaxing on the open roof accompanied by fresh green plants.

11). Oriental Style Minimalist garden

This one minimalist garden can be a pretty unique garden idea. Combined with elements of bamboo and stone jars, you can feel like attending a tea ceremony in Japan.

12). One with nature

This minimalist garden idea prioritizes the four main earths, namely water, fire, air, and land. This can be shown from the color selection of patio furniture and garden placement in an open space. Guaranteed you will fully feel at one with nature.

13). Minimalist Garden with Nice Lighting

In addition to beautifying the garden visual at night, the right lighting can also trick the narrow garden land so it looks more spacious and relieved. Use LED downlights to get the best artificial light for your garden.

14). Keep It Simple

Simple but meaningful, that is the essence of minimalism. This super simple garden concept may really be the most beautiful compliment to your minimalist patio or backyard.

15). Vertical Minimalist Garden

Do you really not have the remaining flat land for your minimalist garden? Take it easy, you copy the idea of ​​this vertical garden. With maximum space efficiency, a minimalist vertical garden is no less beautiful than an ordinary garden.

16). Minimalist Garden with Vertical Furniture

Who says only plants can be placed vertically? For you lovers of anti-mainstream ideas, you can imitate the way the vertical sofa is attached to the wall. This idea is very useful for those of you who have very limited land but still want to sit relaxed on a soft sofa surrounded by a beautiful garden.

17). Picnic in the midst of a variety of unique pots

If you find it difficult to care for the land with loose soil, you can try this alternative. Place all the plants in a variety of unique pots and arrange them together. That way, the garden will look very shady and suitable for use as a picnic spot.

18). Potted Fruit Trees and Flowers

Well, this one idea is another vertical garden concept that will make your minimalist vertical garden look very unique. The concept is to use a tree-shaped “rack” with several rings to place the pot.

19). 3D Garden Wall Painting

For those of you who like artsy, an aesthetic garden can be born from your creative hands. Just imagine the back wall of the house as a blank canvas, then start painting the garden according to your imagination. Finally, give plants in several parts to display the super artistic 3D garden.

20). Futuristic clean white

To maintain the concept of pure white, this minimalist garden uses only a few plots of land as a planting area. Minimalism and pure white color make a perfect blend to show the home page that is simple, elegant, and modern.

21). Minimalist Garden in the House

There is no harm if you try to create a beautiful and fresh minimalist garden in your house. Garden in the house must be close to the glass so that plants get enough light.

22). Use Space Below the Stairs

If the space under the stairs in Harry Potter is transformed into a room, the space under the stairs of your house must not be less interesting. You can turn it into a minimalist garden that will beautify the interior of your home.

23). Square Mirror for the Illusion of Wider Garden

Try installing a rectangular mirror on the garden wall. Guaranteed your garden will also appear 2x more light and brighter.

With the 23 small garden creation ideas above, surely you are no longer confused as to what kind of garden you want. Narrow land is no longer a problem, everything can be handled in the right way.