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Home Decorating Ideas & Interior Design

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WEBvisit – For many homeowners, designing an interior or decorating a home is a difficult and easy thing. It takes ideas and creativity from you the owner to create a home interior design that makes you and your family members feel at home in it. You also have to understand how to create harmony between interior concepts and the use of furniture in them.

The choice of color, decoration, and layout settings are also very influential in home interior design. This is what sometimes makes you confused about how to design the interior of the house so that not a few of those who delegate it to interior design services.

To help you in decorating or designing the interior of your home, see the inspiration for the home interior design below. The following home interior design ideas consist of various styles and designs which certainly can inspire you in decorating your home.

1). Rattan Baskets in the Foyer

The foyer is a transitional space before visiting guests enter the living room area. This space was the area that was first stepped on and seen by relatives who came. Its position in front of the foyer area decoration should not be forgotten from your attention.

This foyer is filled with rattan basket decoration. The basket is arranged in such a way as to make it look neat. You can choose different sizes of rattan baskets so that the decoration looks dimensionless. Do not forget, foyer space with the addition of a round mirror in the middle. The presence of plant elements also makes the foyer look natural.

2). Cushion motif

Soft furnishings in the room have always been a lively decoration of the interior concepts to be applied. If the walls in your house have been painted white, just enliven the soft furnishings motif.

As in the family room and dining room that merged into this one. The walls to the ceiling are already dominated by white paint. To make it more attractive, you can bring a cushion with colorful motifs. Not only that, the beanbag used as a seat in the dining area is also coated with a patterned cover. Space looks more alive.

3). Paint on one side of the wall

Paint applied to the walls can change the mood of a room very quickly. Color selection is not permissible, because it can damage the theme you want to highlight. If you daub the entire wall with one color of paint looks very boring, you can cheat this way.

In this living room, teal green paint is applied only to one wall. The other wall on the right and the left side were only painted in white. Teal green color that is applied as if the background of the room. Not only that, but the paint is also a focal point that makes a direct view of the wall.

4). Stand Out with Green Tosca

The role of color in home interior design is very important. Color can change the mood or ambiance that you want to present in a room very quickly. The colors chosen in one room cannot be arbitrary, because each color has its characteristics.

In designing a room, choose a favorite color that best describes you. For example, in this family room. Turquoise is chosen as the main color in the room. The color is applied on many sides, ranging from walls, sofas, pillows, and other decorations, so that the entire space looks harmonious.

5). Mirror as decoration

Many decorations can beautify the room. One that you can choose is a mirror. This one thing does make your room look spacious. Especially if your room has a limited or narrow space.

However, there are other ways to apply a mirror as a decoration. Namely, by sticking it to the wall, like in this family room. One thing that makes it unique is that the mirror is circled with a frame that has an eccentric design. Stick two mirrors on the wall and arrange them neatly.

6). Lighting

Lighting and selection of lights in a room, especially a bedroom, is one of the main aspects that makes the room comfortable. In the bedroom, if you choose the wrong lighting, it can certainly make your eyes get tired quickly and the quality of sleep will be reduced. In addition to lighting up the room, the lamp also functions as a decorative accent that makes the bedroom more attractive.

One type of lamp that you can choose for your bedroom is ambient lighting. In this bedroom, place the lights behind the headboard. To create the right ambiance in the bedroom, the lamp used has a dim light so it does not damage the eyes.

7). Stunning Yellow Chair

In decorating an interior, it is very important to create an object or furniture that is designated as a focal point. The elements that become the focal point will later become the main focus for the first time people see.

If you are confused about what decorations should be used as a focal point, you can choose a sofa or chair in the room. Cover the chair with a striking color or upholstery, such as yellow. As in this inspiration, the yellow color on the chair looks very stunning in the middle of the dominance of monochrome colors.

8). Add Ornamental Plants

Plants can be an element that you choose as a residential interior decoration. Green plants can make the atmosphere more beautiful and refreshing. Not only visually beautiful, but the presence of plants in the room also seems to perfect the air circulation in it.

Dominated by white, this family room looks more alive with the presence of plants in it. Plants are placed next to the couch so as not to disturb the flow path in the room. However, not all types of plants can be suitable for you to put in the room. Choose a special plant as an indoor plant.

9). Save Media

Many residential owners are often confused about how to store collections of furniture and displays in children’s rooms. If you add a storage cabinet, it will certainly take up space and make it more narrow.

Try the method done in the following girls’ room. Only with shelves attached to the wall, you can display the frames, decorations, decorations, and toys of your child on it. In addition to saving space, this one way can save your budget in buying cabinets.

10). Gallery Wall in the Living Room

As a homeowner, you need to pour your personalization with your family into a room. One way is to display photos of your family. The photos displayed can make you explore time. When you see it, you are like being brought back to the time where the moment was recorded.

Print then arrange the photos in beautiful photo frames. Stick on the wall with an interesting arrangement. Aside from being a decoration, the gallery wall can show the personality of the homeowner to guests who come.

11). Stacking Blanket Throw

The bedroom is where you unwind after a day of activities. This is where your energy is filled again to move again tomorrow. Therefore, the interior design of the bedroom must be comfortable for you. Decorate with items that are personal and in accordance with your personality.

Throw blanket is the right element to add to your sleep comfort. The soft material can make you rest well. However, more than that, throw blankets or blankets can also be an element of bedroom interior decoration. Choose the one color that best describes you, for example, yellow. Use the yellow color on all throw blankets. Then, stack randomly on the bed. The blanket also gives its own accent into your bedroom.

12). Unique Hangers for Plants

Indoor plants have always managed to be a decoration that makes the room look natural. However, homeowners are often confused about how to put these plants in the house. Especially if the house is small. If you put the vase in the room, it can make it more narrow.

Interior design inspiration on this one you can imitate the idea. Plants are put on a unique shelf and stick to the wall. The selected plant type is vines so that later the shelves will be full of these plants. Not only makes the room look beautiful, but these plants can also be eye catchy wall decorations.

13). Soothing Earth Tone

Earth tone colors, such as beige, brown, beige, and white, always succeed in juggling space to look soothing. The calm color is not too conspicuous by the eye of the beholder. These colors are usually very synonymous with rustic interior design styles.

In this family room, earth tone colors dominate. The colors were applied to the sofa, bench, table decorations, shelves, wall frames, to the books also presented. This one interior design is perfect for those of you who like basic colors.

14). Domination of Wood in the Family Room

Wood is an element of decor that is timeless. Almost all people like this one material. Because the presence of wood in the room is believed to give a natural impression. You can also insert this one element into your home.

This family room is dominated by wood which is used as the main material for furniture. You can use solid wood, such as Sungkai wood, mahogany wood, or camphor wood as the material. Choose wood with a similar color so that it seems warm in the family room. In this family room, it turns out that wooden furniture can be aligned when juxtaposed with unfinished cement material on the floor covering.

15). Bathroom Furniture Options

Although not too many items will be stored in the bathroom, you still need to provide a storage cupboard in this area. In it, you can put towels, soap, various kinds of cloths, and beauty equipment. The existence of a storage cabinet, making the bathroom more organized and looks neat.

If there is still room left in the bathroom, present a storage cabinet that is equipped with a lid. Place it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t fill the bathroom. Customize the design of the closet with the bathroom concept you want presented.

That’s inspirations of home interior design that have been summarized by WEBvisit. You can apply a variety of designs and decorations to your home.

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