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Charming Home Exteriors

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WEBvisit – Building a house with charming design is the choice of most modern society today. In addition to being built on a minimalist modern house following the development of the current home style trends, many also make it a choice to anticipate land limitations. For those of you who also plan to build a house with a minimalist and charming design style, the appearance of a charming house can not be separated from the exterior settings of the house. The exterior of the house will show the first impression for anyone visiting your home or just passing through your house. WEBvisit there are several ideas to make the exterior of your home more attractive.

How to make my house exterior more charming and attractive?

Many things we can do to get the look of a house that looks attractive and attractive. Among them are lighting arrangements, garden arrangements in front of the house to the addition of a balcony model on the 2nd floor.

1) Lighting

The first tip for displaying a charming and attractive exterior is to adjust the lighting according to the concept of the house. The way you can put a chandelier on the porch or garden lights that are unique designs. Choose a white color so that the light produced is more bright and still beautiful and charming.

2) Ornament Selection

The charming exterior appearance of the house cannot be separated from the selection of unique ornaments. Some of them are sculptures, pots, or other carvings that look interesting. Proper placement of ornaments will also add a sweet impression to the house.

3) Model of Fence and Gate

When we visit a house, the first thing that will be encountered is generally a fence or gate. The exterior appearance of the house will be more charming if you choose a fence that matches the theme of your home’s exterior design. The fence design especially can be made to resemble a gate and still apply to light well.

How to pick the right color for the exterior of your house?

Choosing a house exterior paint is not a difficult matter. However, if you are wrong in choosing it will definitely give a negative impression on the look of your home. Therefore, you need to know a few important things before choosing paint for your home’s exterior appearance. Here are 3 tips for choosing your home exterior paint:

1) Take it from nature

Is your residence close to plants or trees? Well, this can be an idea to choose the right exterior paint. Usually, the color of plants is identical to green. Meanwhile, the color of tree wood is very identical to brown. You can take these two colors to be used as inspiration for your house’s exterior paint. It should be noted, use a bright color palette of the two colors so it does not look monotonous and gives a cheerful impression on the exterior of your home.

2) Check the roof color

Will, your house use a brown, terracotta, or gray roof color? Well, the color of the roof can also be an inspiration to choose the right exterior house paint. Home exterior paint does not need to be the same, but following the roof of the house. That way, the choice of color will affect the appearance of your home.

3) Find inspiration in the living room

The legendary architect from the United States “Frank Lloyd Wright” said; the exterior color selection scheme can be determined from the interior of your home. Frank continued; the color of the living room can be an option for you to paint the exterior of the house looks perfect. Why does it have to be the living room? Because the living room is the center of the whole interior of the house. Therefore, the color of the furniture in the living room can be used as inspiration to choose a house exterior paint easily.

How to take care of exterior paint to keep it durable?

Is there a way to make a durable exterior wall paint? Wall paint on the exterior turns out to be more quickly damaged such as the color is faded or peeled due to exposure to sunlight and rain. Even changes in weather can also make the appearance of mold on the walls of the house due to humid or wet temperatures.

Because of that the exterior wall paint of the house also needs to be maintained so that it always looks good. Surely you do not want guests who come to your house immediately get the impression of ‘seedy’ because of the appearance of dull or peeling wall colors ?! Well, so that the color of the exterior wall paint of your home can be more durable and long-lasting, then consider the following tips.

Clean the Wall

1) Clean the Wall You Want to Paint

Before starting to paint, make sure the walls are clean and that there are no stains or thick dust on them. The presence of dirt can make the paint does not stick perfectly until it is prone to peel. And if your wall is already mossy, flush with chlorine water so that the fungus seeds on the wall die. And you can start painting when the wall is dry.

2) Choose a Special Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is usually formulated to paint the outer walls so that it is stronger and durable to protect the walls from climate change. The content of this paint can also prevent the emergence of mold and spots caused by rainwater seepage. A good wall paint will usually last without damage and peeling for almost four years.

3) Adjust the Paint with the Wall Material

Paint used for ordinary walls will certainly be different from the paint used for wood or natural stone walls. Wall paint usually has a thicker texture than stone or wood wall paint so that the cement layer is not visible.

4) Paint the Wall in Sunny Weather

The timing of the painting is also important. Painting the house on sunny days can certainly help the paint drying process. If you paint during the rainy season, the coating will be easily damaged because it is carried by water. Also, pay attention to the condition of the walls of the house before starting to paint. A wall that has a moist or wet surface can make the paint not absorbed properly.

5) Use the Right Painting Technique

The painting technique must also be considered because if it is wrong it will make the wall surface not smooth. Therefore, it is better to cover the difficult part first such as the corner of the wall and the part close to the roof. After that, work on other parts that are easier and apply the paintbrush in only one direction so that the results are smooth and evenly distributed.

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