living room color palette ideas

Living Room Color Palette Ideas

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WEBvisit – If you want to bring a new atmosphere into the living room, one way you can do is to change the color palette of the living room paint. The technique for applying the living room paint color palette that you can try is by combining two different wall paint colors. The problem is, not all paint colors can produce dynamic color combinations.

To avoid mistakes in determining the color combination of the living room paint, you may use a color palette or color wheel to see what colors are approaching and which are the most contrasting with the color of the living room paint or read the idea of ​​the following color combination of the living room paint color palette!

1). Gray color palette for the Living Room

The concept of back to basic is indeed at risk of making the living room atmosphere in your home monotonous. However, you can avoid this with a palette of living room paint colors painted with unique application techniques, such as forming vertical or horizontal stripes.

With a vertical stripe pattern, the room will look higher while a horizontal stripe pattern in the living room paint color makes the room seem more spacious.

2). Living and Brown color palette

For those of you who have wooden furniture in the living room, a combination of two earthy tone paint colors, namely brown and beige, is very fitting to complement the natural design style in the living room.

Harmony of the two living room paint color palettes is believed to be able to create a harmonious atmosphere in your living room. The perfect color combination of the two colors of the living room paint can also be applied to living rooms that have metal furniture to produce a stronger industrialist impression.

3). The yellow and white palette combination

The white color palette doesn’t always have to be left alone coloring the lounge at home. You can refresh the atmosphere of your living room by applying yellow paint on the side of the wall that is the point of interest of the living room. The electrical effect resulting from the contrast of the two living room paint color palettes will be even more vibrant when combined with brightly colored furniture and decor elements.

4). Turquoise Palette for Open Living Room Color Paintings

One-color combination of living room paint that can be applied to the concept of an open plan living room is light blue and pastel green. The living room paint color combination is suitable for you who want to be more exploratory in decorating the living room.

Like using various wall hangings and installing patterned curtains. Although not included in neutral colors, the two colors of the living room paint are also easy to combine with various colors and textures.

5). Living Room color palette Bright Green and Mossy Green

Choosing a palette of paint colors derived from green for the color of the living room paint is believed to eliminate the tension when entertaining guests at home, so as to create comfort in togetherness. If you use this combination of the color palette in the living room, you should not get too much natural lighting because the moss green color can look dim when reflected by excessive light.

6). Pastel, Pink and Navy Blue Palettes

Using pastel colors as living room paint colors can indeed sweeten the look of the living room. However, the impression of a pale room can emerge when the use of this paint color is combined with a choice of matching colored furniture.

To balance the color composition, you can choose a combination of pink and navy blue palette as the color of the living room paint in your house. In order to create a coherent color combination, a model of textured gray curtains can be installed to mediate these two colors.

7). A combination of white, oceanside and ultraviolet pallets

The advantage of white lies in its flexibility. By giving a little touch of other colors into white can instantly change the look of the room to the maximum. Like by combining white with oceanside and ultraviolet. The enthralling solid impression of the living room’s paint colors can provide a three-dimensional effect when appearing in white.

Well, have you been able to determine what color the living room paint is suitable for your home? Also, find inspiring articles and other interesting home and living tips on WEBVISIT!

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