color for small bedroom walls

Color for Small Bedroom Walls

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WEBvisit – If in the past the style of the house is identical with the spacious room, different from today. Nowadays people tend to prefer minimalist buildings. However, a common problem that often occurs is the limited area of ​​the room and feels cramped, including the bedroom. Not only is the area of ​​the room limited, the size of furniture such as wardrobe and spring beds increasingly makes limited space for movement.

No need to worry if your bedroom looks narrower, there are several ways you can do to make the bedroom appear larger. What is that?

The play of bedroom wall paint colors is considered the most appropriate way to make a narrow bedroom feel more spacious because it is considered to be able to refresh the room. The following WEBvisit review 9 colors of suitable bedroom wall paint applied in a narrow room.

1). White bedroom wall paint color

White bedroom wall paint colors are one of the neutral colors that are best suited for narrow spaces. The paint color on this one-bedroom wall makes the smaller room feel more spacious than the actual size. White bedroom wall paint colors will reflect light and make the room brighter and present an open impression.

What’s more, the white bedroom wall paint color is very easy to be combined with other colors. In addition, the white bedroom wall paint colors can also make it easier for us when putting wall hangings so it is not boring. Try decorating walls that use white bedroom paint colors with minimalist wall stickers or murals. Also, include a white wall shelf for storage. this method can make the room more beautiful even though your room is small.

2). Yellow bedroom wall paint color

Just like white, the color of the yellow bedroom wall paint can also have the same effect. Yellow bedroom wall paint colors are colors that can reflect sunlight. Its ability to reflect sunlight makes a narrow room look wider.

For a narrow room, choose the color of the bedroom wall paint light yellow or pale yellow like a lemon. In addition, consider also combining the color of light yellow bedroom paint with white furniture to add dimensions in a small room.

3). Gray bedroom wall paint color

If you don’t like white bedroom paint, you can choose to apply light gray to a small bedroom. This bedroom wall paint color is also able to give the impression of soft and soothing. Like the white and yellow bedroom wall paint colors, gray also reflects light around the room and can give the impression of a spacious room.

If you want your little room to be clean. The choice of gray bedroom wall paint colors will give a classic and modern impression to the room. As a complement, add brightly colored decorations, this will reinforce the wide impression in the room. For example white bedcovers.

4). Blue bedroom wall paint color

The color of this bedroom’s wall paint is reminiscent of a vast and unlimited ocean. Bedroom paint colors with a blue palette can give brightness and broad impression into a small room.

You can also combine the colors of this bedroom wall paint with white or yellow. Choose furniture and wall decorations in neutral colors to make the room feel spacious without making it look excessive. Besides being able to provide a wide-ranging effect on a small room, blue bedroom wall paint colors can also present a cool atmosphere.

5). Beige bedroom wall paint color

Another solution to make a narrow room seem more spacious is to use a creamy bedroom wall paint colors. This bedroom wall paint color can present a sensation of roomy and warm as well. You can also add a variety of room decorations, such as carpets or paintings that match the color of the beige bedroom wall paint so it is not monotonous and boring.

The best way to present dimensions in a narrow room is to use texture. The combination of natural cream and walls with wood finishing will make the room feel spacious, warm, and make the occupants become more comfortable and at ease. Do not forget to use a quality mattress so that you feel more comfortable.

6). Turquoise bedroom wall color

Wall accents refer to the coloring technique of one or two walls of a different color. The aim is to create a visual separation or point that attracts attention. This technique can be applied to a narrow room to present the illusion of spacious space.

The turquoise bedroom wall paint color or also commonly called the blue-green is very suitable for a small room to make it look bigger. As with other bedroom wall paint colors, this blue-green bedroom wall paint color can also provide a cool and fresh atmosphere. Especially if coupled with a soft mattress, your sleep will definitely be more soundly!

7). Lemon green bedroom wall color

If you live in an area with warm temperatures and natural light-filled rooms, use the lemon green bedroom wall paint color as a tropical touch. Although rarely used to paint bedroom walls, this lemon green color can also make a cramped bedroom feel bigger. The lemon green color can also reflect light from the sun or light rays so that it will give the effect of a more open room.

If it feels too dominant, you can combine the lemon green color with other colors as a neutralizer like white.

8). Pastel bedroom wall color

You can also use pastel bedroom wall paint colors. The pastel colors themselves are created from a mixture of primary or secondary colors mixed with white to produce a younger and softer color. Pastel bedroom wall paint colors are also very suitable to be applied to a child’s room.

The color of the walls of this one-bedroom always manages to attract attention and gives a broad impression to a narrow room. Pastel bedroom wall paint colors will provide a fun, make you not easily bored, and able to relieve stress. Using the same decoration as the bedroom wall paint color is a clever trick to create a wider space effect. The not only decoration but also make sure the color of the bed sheet that is used in harmony with the color of the bedroom wall paint.

9). Wine red bedroom wall color

When compared with other bedroom wall paint colors, the color of this burgundy does seem darker. However, the color of this bedroom paint can make a narrow room seem more spacious. This wine red bedroom wall paint color is suitable for you to apply in a narrow bedroom.

Try mixing it with other colors, like white or with other pastel colors. You can also combine the color of this bedroom paint with gray color so as to create a spacious and elegant impression as well.

Adding canvas posters, curtains and calm colored curtains can also give an elegant impression to your bedroom. Try to paint the ceiling with a brighter color than the color of the bedroom wall paint. This can also get around the narrow room so that the ceiling looks taller and the room will feel wider.

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