outdoor living room ideas

Outdoor Living Room Ideas

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WEBvisit – Creating an outdoor living room that is truly functional and can create a relaxed atmosphere requires proper planning. Like when creating an indoor room design, we must consider all aspects ranging from architecture, color harmony, the number of people who can be loaded in the room, the area of the room, and the comfort of the room.

Another challenge is how to create outdoor spaces that can provide a need for privacy while protecting those who relax there from the wind and sun. Well, how about how to make a pleasant outdoor living room?

Size and Layout

Is the outdoor size in your home small and limited? The size and layout for the outdoor living room depend on the activity you wish to accommodate and the size of the property placed in the outdoor living room. When designing outdoor living rooms, don’t forget to consider natural elements such as wind and sun orientation.

If you want to build a calm atmosphere, just build a roofed building with open walls, such as awnings, umbrellas, gazebos or pavilions, and pergolas so that people who are outside the room can still enjoy the view outside the house without feeling too hot.


Patterns and colors for outdoor living room decor are indeed unlimited. For alternative choices, you can create an outdoor living room that can be integrated as a complement to the overall home design. So just equate the design of outdoor living spaces with rooms inside the house, so that the whole house has a harmonious architectural theme.


An outdoor living room will not have a wall covering like an indoor room. If you need privacy protection, you can start installing tall, covered wooden fences or tall plants that can separate you and your neighbors’ views. For design continuity, consider installing concrete or wall fences with natural stone or brick decoration patterns that can help complete your porch design.

Build Gradually

If your budget is limited, gradually build an outdoor living room. Starting with the basic building, then completing the furniture needed little by little. You can set up other features slowly. Such as fireplaces, ponds, fountains, gardens, and lighting.


Asking an architect or contractor for help can help you to make design ideas into reality. These professionals can help you plan an outdoor living room that fits your budget. Aesthetic and functional requirements become a benchmark for professionals in designing spatial architecture. They can advise you on furniture that is resistant to certain weather and climate conditions.

Consider Comfort

As a complement and other additions, your outdoor living room can also be accessed from inside the house. If you want to make an outdoor living room equipped with cooking utensils, make it close to the kitchen or where food is stored. This will reduce the trip back and forth from the kitchen to the outdoors just to take food. Also, consider access to electricity and water.

For those who have a fairly large yard, the concept can be applied by giving some design modifications, so that it can adjust the environment around the house

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