bohemian bedroom decor ideas

Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

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WEBvisit – Trends in bohemian style bedrooms lately more and more loved by people. From room decor to artsy and unique bohemian-style accessories. Presenting a variety of colors, motifs, and impressed without rules, that’s the typical style of bohemian bedroom decor. Bohemian bedroom style has a very unique uniqueness. As if to break out of rigid rules, bohemian bedroom decorations are able to express your dynamic, unique, and attractive personality.

For you lovers of this style, you can really make a bohemian bedroom decorating idea that can make the room atmosphere so intragenic below

1). Decoration with ornamental plants

You can start decorating your bohemian bedroom with decorations of small green plants that are easy to care for. This plant will give a thick bohemian touch because it represents the feel of nature. Bohemian is very closely related to nature.

You can bring live plants in pots in several corners in the room. In addition to beautifying your bohemian bedroom decor, plants give a green atmosphere and a natural impression into the room. In addition, your bohemian bedroom will also have a fresher and healthier atmosphere with the presence of indoor plants.

2). Decor with rug

Decorate your bohemian bedroom floor using a rug with motifs and bohemian colors. You can use geometric motifs, striated, or carved motifs. And match the color of the carpet with the palette or color of your room. Although the bohemian style is known to be free but to get beauty, you should choose the color of the carpet also needs to be adjusted.

If your bohemian bedroom has a plain wall, you can freely use a variety of motifs and colors for your carpet. And if you have placed many ornaments such as wallpaper, bright wall paint or decoration, avoid carpets with various colors or motifs. Choose a carpet with a combination of no more than three colors and which have a pattern that is not too complicated.

3). Decor with pretty lights

Bohemian style mix all kinds of decoration. Although it has been given a carpet, the greenery that is natural but adding the decoration of beautiful lights in your bohemian bedroom can also enhance your bedroom decor. The shape of funny lights such as Tumblr becomes a pattern that you like or may also buy decorative lamps that have been customized according to the name and writing that you like.

4). Pillows and Bed Cover

Did you know, pillows and bed covers can affect the overall appearance of your bohemian bedroom. So, you should use a pillowcase and bed cover with a unique abstract geometric pattern. And for the mattress area, you can be very random and irregular. Play with patterns, patterns, and colors for your pillowcases or bed covers.

If you already use bohemian style rugs, that means you are expected to use a bed cover without a motive. and vice versa, use a bed cover with a variety of colors and motifs if you use a carpet without motives or plain.

5). Create wall decoration

In addition to natural decoration, bohemian bedroom nuances will be even tighter if you are creating various wall hangings that are also made of natural materials such as rattan or bamboo. Make knitted curtains, wall displays, or room dividers from old twisted fabric.

6). Decoration with lace and tassel

The last and most important is to apply the elements of lace and tassel as much as possible in a variety of room accessories. For example pillowcases, lampshades, carpets, or blankets. Many references on the internet that you can make a reference in making fringe and bohemian distinctive lace.

Having a bedroom with bohemian and intragenic decorations will definitely make you more comfortable and comfortable to rest.

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