gallery wall layout ideas

Gallery Wall Layout Ideas

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WEBvisit – Bored with the same picture frame? Or have lots of good photos but only stored on a memory card? Come take advantage of photo frames and photos full of your memory, become your own creation wall gallery!

Photo gallery on the wall or known as the gallery wall is the best way to create a focal point in your home in a unique way. Actually creating your own wall gallery is not difficult, you only need photos of memory, photo frames of various sizes and shapes, and imagination to create your own wall decorations.

With this wall gallery, you who are creative can move the patterns and arrangement of photo frames as you like. This wall gallery is the best way to fill the empty spaces on the walls of your home. And let the pictures containing the clothes tell stories in their own language.

How to layout a Wall Gallery?

1). Find the Right Inspiration

The first thing to do is to find the right inspiration. Do you perhaps like the neat arrangement of photos in a straight line, or maybe you prefer the irregular arrangement. Do you just want to display photos or maybe you want to combine them with several paintings? Photo frames with one, two colors, or may vary.

Don’t limit yourself to being creative. Find the style that best suits your home and character.

2). Choosing the Right Wall Position

The second step you must take before arranging your wall gallery is to determine the wall section. Choose the part of the wall that is wide open and exposed to enough light, for example in the living room. Also, make sure the empty space in front of your photo frame collage so that people can see the photos. Also, you have a collage to show off to lots of people, right?

3). Select a picture frame

Decide on the photo frame you want. Adjust to the needs and size of your wall, combine several sizes and photo frame models. Don’t be too afraid to play the color, shape, and size of the photo frame. Let your imagination work best in making this wall gallery.

4). Select photo

Select the photo you want to display on your wall gallery. Crop if needed. Then print photos according to the frame size. Make sure you use quality photo paper. It’s a good idea to print your photos on a professional photo booth so that the photo quality is maintained and lasts longer. Generally, photos printed using ordinary printer ink will fade in no time.

5). Create a gallery pattern

Use paper and tape to help you determine the position of the photo frame. Cut a newspaper about the size of each photo frame you have prepared. Then position the paper with the size of the main photo frame as a benchmark, use insulation to attach the paper to the wall. Arrange all the paper that has been cut to the size of the photo frame to make it look beautiful.

6). Put a picture frame

After the gallery pattern is created using paper, it is time to attach the photo frame to the wall. Pay attention to the location of the hanger when mounting nails on the wall. Do not move and miss the initial pattern.

Ready to layout your own wall gallery? Now a variety of photos full of your memories can be enjoyed by many people, no longer stored on a memory card chip.

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