scandinavian bedroom design ideas

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Scandinavian bedroom design is one of the most talked-about designs for residential design. Because this design has characteristics that offer simplicity while remaining elegant. You can apply the Scandinavian design on the exterior or interior of your home. If you like simple designs but still elegant, Scandinavian designs can be the right choice for you.

Actually there are many rooms in the house that you can design in a Scandinavian style, but one of the most frequently arranged rooms with Scandinavian design in the bedroom. A touch of white that dominates the look that is often found in Scandinavian bedroom designs.

In addition to the design that looks simple, it turns out that this Scandinavian bedroom design can be a way to get around the limited space in your home. Then, how to design a Scandinavian bedroom like a pro? see the article below!

Selection of White as a Basic Color

To apply the Scandinavian design style to your bedroom, there are obligations you should not miss. What is that? Yup, that’s right, white! Well, white is arguably the key to success when you want to present a Scandinavian style. There are many Scandinavian bedroom designs that use white as the most dominant base color.

Indeed the white color is presented to give a neutral impression so that it can be combined with other colors. In addition, by using white, then your bedroom will look more spacious and clean.

Furniture with a touch of wood material

There is something different about the use of Scandinavian bedroom furniture designs. The touch of wood material will be very attached to the Scandinavian style. You can choose a bed with solid wood. Preferably, the bed that you have is rather short in size.

Place the bed facing the window. Not only the bed is made of wood, but you can also choose a side table using wood. Of course, the existence of this material will create a warm and natural atmosphere.

Add Mirror

Scandinavian bedroom design is also synonymous with the use of mirrors. The presence of a mirror can make your bedroom feel more spacious. You can use a mirror attached to the wall. In addition, the size of the mirror you want to use can be in the form of a circle or rectangle.

Use Minimalist Furniture

The typical of Scandinavian designs is with the least amount of furniture used. As much as possible you choose furniture that is functional so as not to spend too much space just to put one piece of furniture. With minimalist furniture, your bedroom will have plenty of free space.

Present a Bedroom Window

So that you get good lighting in the bedroom, you can make a window with fairly large size. The presence of this window is certainly able to create a more lively bedroom atmosphere. In addition, if you have ornamental plants placed in the bedroom, the incoming sunlight can help the growth of these ornamental plants.

Those are 5 ways to present Scandinavian bedroom designs. Hopefully, this is useful! Happy creation!

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