1 bedroom apartment design ideas

1 Bedroom Apartment Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – The apartment is one type of dwelling in one building, where the number of dwellings is more than one and we usually call it a flat. However, unlike the old days, in this era, the apartment has a lot of style and design and is no less comfortable than an ordinary house.

Well, at this time there are types of apartments that apply a minimalist design. Apartments with this design usually only have 1 bedroom, which of course is a challenge to arrange the interior design of this 1 bedroom apartment.

The advantages of a 1 bedroom apartment

Choosing a 1 bedroom apartment turned out to have its own advantages. This type of apartment is usually cheaper and can certainly meet your needs when you want to have your own residence. Not only that, but this type of apartment is also perfect for those of you who still don’t have children or don’t have a partner. You also don’t need a lot of furniture to fill the apartment. However, you must know the tricks to be able to arrange the interior design of this 1 bedroom apartment.

How to Arrange the Interior Design of a 1 Bedroom Apartment

Because of the size that is not large, of course, you need to adjust the interior of your apartment in order to provide the comfort needed. Mistakes when designing, of course, can make the room feel increasingly narrow apartment. The following are some tricks you can do to design the interior of your 1 bedroom apartment:

1). Put furniture in the bedroom on one side

For the bedroom in the type 1 bedroom apartment, of course not too wide, so you should be able to maximize the interior area of your 1 bedroom apartment in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. One way is to put furniture in the bedroom on one side. This alone aims to make the room look more spacious and also not feel cramped. You can outsmart the use of wall hanging racks to be able to put more items without taking up much space.

2). Make the TV room also as a living room

Because of the size of the room that is not large, you better combine the two functions of the room into one. An example is making the TV room as well as a living room. So as not to look too narrow, you can use a sofa with a minimalist design which of course makes your 1 bedroom apartment room more beautiful. Use a flat TV that can be placed on the wall, so you do not need to use a table in order to give the impression of the area needed.

3). Mini kitchen set

As a permanent residence, the apartment also needs a kitchen. However, in the interior design of a 1 bedroom apartment, of course, you should be able to come up with creative ideas so that the room does not become cramped. Use a mini kitchen set that you can use on the part if it can still be used. If there is a room transition, it would not hurt you to use the room as a mini kitchen which is of course very important for a place to live.

4). Wall color selection

In interior design, the selection of wall colors is very important. Especially for one-bedroom apartments, where you have to be able to create a room atmosphere that looks spacious and also comfortable. Use neutral and bright colors like white or pastel. This can provide a very comfortable atmosphere in your 1 bedroom apartment and certainly makes the apartment not feel cramped.

Choosing an apartment with a 1 bedroom design can be the right choice for those of you who want to save costs in matters of residence. How to design a 1 bedroom apartment interior will of course greatly help you in creating a comfortable dwelling.

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