narrow bathroom design ideas

Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Starting a project or design a narrow bathroom is not easy. Trying to stick to things that already exist and have been chosen to follow the guidelines is usually the best because it can keep the budget going according to plan. Start by choosing the color scheme that you like.

After that, you can adjust other elements: from the floor, table, wall color, accessories, and lighting. One of the tips that I can give is a narrow bathroom design.

How to Arrange narrow bathroom furniture?

Especially if you have a bathroom with narrow or limited dimensions, to design it is not easy, especially because of the neatness and hygiene standards that should be met for the health of residents of the house. Clean furniture periodically: Bathroom furniture is prone to decay and damaged due to high humidity, prone to exposure to soap, foam, and other chemicals.

Use clean cloths and special cleaning fluids while keeping your furniture neat. Get rid of useless things: If you don’t use it, get rid of it immediately and don’t put it in another place because it will pile up so the bathroom will be tidy and will get dirty. Storing objects that take up space such as hair dryers, towels and other objects in the drawer will also make the bathroom feel more spacious. Check the existing storage space: Has the storage been used effectively or has a lot of unused items piled up? Expired drugs and creams, for example, should be discarded immediately.

Return items used in place: Objects that are often used are certainly most often scattered because sometimes they are not returned to their original place. Keep it simple: Keep the choice of decorative elements simple. Combining matching objects used such as soap holders, toothbrush holders, etc. helps keep decorations simple and harmonious.

What color scheme should I choose for a small bathroom?

Color selection becomes very important when designing every room in the house, including the bathroom. The right color can create the right atmosphere and create the perfect room for relaxation. If you tend to have dense activities, especially in the morning, the color chosen should tend to be bright and cool to make you feel refreshed in the morning. While rich colors like purple, gray, and pastel can provide the right mood as a good start day.

How to choose a narrow bathroom floor and wall?

The walls and floors should be not only beautiful but also functional. Bathroom floors and walls must be resistant to moisture, heat, and stains. Tiles (especially ceramics) are a good choice for both, besides, they also give the impression of luxury. For a rustic or more modern impression, wood with a waterproof coating can also be the right choice.

Another more economical option is bamboo because it is leak-proof, heat, and moisture but is more affordable in the bag. There are many choices of waterproof wallpapers, all you need to do is make sure your designer and contractor explain all the options comprehensively.

How to choose narrow bathroom accessories?

When designing a narrow bathroom, often the function is ignored. But what most people don’t know yet, is that choosing the right accessories can determine the comfort of your routine, so it’s important to choose the right accessories from the start. The modern design will be more suitable with lighting that is also modern and geometric accessories, industrial design will be more suitable with dark colors that expose the pipes and channels as decoration. How cohesive the overall design is is the target you want to achieve, so sticking to the style and color you have chosen should be your priority.

What should I consider when choosing to light for a small bathroom?

Access to bathroom lights should be easy, lighting should be functional and well-lit. But because a narrow bathroom is usually smaller than a kitchen, determining the right lighting is sometimes not easy. The trick that should be used is to combine natural and artificial lighting so that maximum lighting.

Artificial light sources should be on the ceiling or walls so they don’t block the road and take place – another advantage is that they don’t interfere with the overall design harmony. If you have a bathtub, place it near a natural light source to provide an extra relaxing effect from outside the room.

How to organize a narrow bathroom?

Narrow spaces are sometimes more difficult to handle than large ones, but it should not be an obstacle for you to try the design you want. With a smaller room, you as a homeowner only need to think more strategically to use lighting and color schemes that give the illusion of a wider space. The mirror can be the easiest option to make space spatial deeper because it reflects light throughout the room.

What should I consider before renovating a small bathroom?

Of course, this depends on how much budget you provide. Do you want to completely overhaul or just simply replace the paint and improvise decoration? Replacing larger objects and equipment such as showers, sinks or toilets can be a complex and expensive process.

If renovation is only intended for appearance then you can shift focus to smaller details, just to refresh the appearance of your cramped bathroom. The slightest change can produce dramatic changes if done right: for example, changing shower curtains, or replacing a cabinet for a sink. Lighting can also be an easy option to replace the previous impression.

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