how to design home gym

How to Design Home GYM

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WEBvisit – For you who always maintain body fitness, of course, having a gym at home is important. Indeed having a fitness room in this house requires a large budget. Not only because of the design of the space, but a variety of equipment to maintain health is certainly costing quite a lot. Here are the things that must be considered when designing a GYM room.

1). Space and location in the house

The room for GYM must be large and large. This is because sports activities that are done are not just push-ups, sit-ups, but also various activities such as lifting barbells, running on a treadmill, or yoga. That is also done not only by one person but also can be done by various family members at the same time.

The location is also influential in designing the GYM room. The room must get natural lighting and ventilation so that air circulation feels more comfortable and also fresh. This avoids hot air after exercising stored indoors.

2). GYM equipment

The variety of GYM equipment is of concern. For the initial design, it is not possible you will buy all the sports equipment. Choose equipment that is the main goal and of course comfortable and often used. Choose exercise equipment that is effective in maintaining the required fitness. Equipment with the use of electricity must be placed a distance that matches the socket so that the cable is not spread on the floor of the room and can also be used properly.

3). The atmosphere of the room

When we do an activity in the room of course the room must support. This is not only because of the complete ventilation or equipment but also the interior design inside. Various kinds of architectural factors such as air quality, indoor wall color, and other factors. Choose fresh colors for the GYM room, decorations that motivate sports activities, and also other elements that make the room feel more fun.

4). Floor covering material

The floor in the GYM room must be designed so it is not slippery. The choice of floor covering material greatly affects the comfort of its users. Foam the room with foam or carpet so that the floor is safer. The use of carpets can also be used for GYM rooms. Why can’t the floor in the gym be slippery? Floor without a base on GYM can cause sports equipment such as treadmills or electric bicycles to move so it is not comfortable to use. Not to mention the sweat that falls on the floor can make the floor more slippery so that users can fall. This will be dangerous and therefore the floor covering should not be underestimated.

5). Close to the bathroom area

Of course, after exercising, bathing becomes one of the activities that will be done. Bathing itself is done after the cooler and sweat no longer pouring because it would be very dangerous also if you shower directly in a state of heavy sweating. Access to the bathroom should be easier or even a shower bathroom is available in or next to the GYM room. In addition to maintaining health by exercising, maintaining bodily hygiene is also the main thing.

6). Pay attention to safety in space

Safety in activities is also very important. Accidents can happen not only because of equipment misuse but also because of the careless users of the room. Therefore, designing a space with a heavy equipment storage rack is also needed. When there is equipment that is not used, it is better stored neatly in a special rack so it does not interfere when exercising. The equipment can be barbells or weights. Do not be careless when putting the equipment in the room. Also, provide first aid kit in the room so that if something unexpected happens it can be handled immediately.

7). Motivating accessories

Motivating accessories in the GYM room can be motivational writing or even speakers and television. Listening to songs you like while you exercise becomes a special encouragement. Mirrors are also a popular accessory in the GYM room. Mirror can show changes that occur in the body during exercise so that it will easily motivate yourself. Sound speakers are not only useful for encouraging, but will also be very useful when doing gymnastics or listening to soft and soothing strains while relaxing yoga.

8). Budget

The cost of designing a GYM room is not cheap, but it will be easier to determine its sporting goals. To design a room, it is important to pay attention to the costs. Not only buying effective equipment, but also adjusting the size of the room.

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