bedroom paint color trends

Bedroom Paint Color Trends

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WEBvisit – As a place to rest and unwind, it’s only natural that the bedroom is decorated with soothing bedroom paint. Moreover, because the color is full of psychological elements that are directly related to a person’s emotional state, so the selection of the bedroom’s soothing paint colors should get extra attention.

Well, soothing bedroom paint colors don’t always have to be in boring white. The following bedroom paint colors are a trend that can make you calm:

1). Feminine Pink

For those of you who are looking for bedroom paint colors that are trendy and also soothing, do not immediately reject the shades of pink because they are considered feminine and far from classy. Conversely, choosing a pink color that leads to a cooler tone like coral pin inspiration can be a soothing bedroom paint color with adult features.

2). Mauve color

Not too gray, not too purple – the mix of mauve colors can be a soothing and elegant bedroom paint color and also a trend this year. Mauve color as a soothing bedroom paint color also has a romantic, antique, and suitable for teenage girls’ rooms,

3). Calm Blue

The calm blue color is ideal for the master bedroom or the men’s room, this soothing bedroom paint color is inspired by the combination of calm and masculine together. There is a bold and modern impression in this soothing bedroom paint color choice, especially if it is arranged in Scandinavian-style decoration.

4). Gray

Gray is often chosen as a favorite color for minimalist interior themes that are easily combined with other decoration elements. Impressing more ‘cold’, the color of this gray bedroom paint can be combined easily coupled with other motifs or patterns. There is a neutral modern minimalist impression in this gray bedroom paint color.

5). Lavender color

Not wrong if you choose the color of lavender as a soothing bedroom paint color. The reason is, this color is often associated with beautiful impressions and feminine nuances that fit. There is also a calm element in choosing lavender color as a soothing bedroom paint color.

So, for those of you who don’t match pink, just choose lavender as an alternative. However, also make sure you maximize the color of bedroom paint with a comfortable mattress, such as the Lady Americana mattress so that your sleep becomes more sound and quality.

6). Off white

Naturally, the white color is not often the choice for a soothing bedroom paint color, because it is identical to the impression of plain and cold, far from warm. Well, the solution for those of you who still want to display clean white walls is to choose a bedroom paint color that is soothing off-white. This white tone is softer and always looks stylish.

7). Blue sky

Sky blue is one of the favorite colors and is a trend for nurseries or nurseries. The reason, the color of sky blue is a soothing bedroom paint color and makes the quality of sleep more soundly. Not only suitable for children, but this soothing bedroom paint color can also be used by adults regardless of age, male or female.

After reading the bedroom paint color trends before, has determined what color is right for your dream bedroom?