rustic modern interior design ideas

Rustic Modern Interior Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Modern rustic interior design has become increasingly popular in recent years because the rustic interior design combines two things that many people like, simple and modern. But designing a modern rustic interior has its challenges. This design does not look too girly but also does not accentuate the impression of the masculine.

Here are some important elements needed to create an interior with rustic modern:

1). Rough Decoration Texture

The modern rustic interior design is very distinctive with its rough and imperfect surface structure. This element can also be found on walls, furniture, and other decorations. For example, the use of all materials that are left as the original without being sanded, wood furniture with peeling paint, rusty hanging lamps, and so on.

The shape of the roof is usually left open and accentuates the impression of rough and old material. The wall is also usually not smoothed or it can also be covered with strong textured rock elements.

2). Neutral color palette

Modern rustic interior styles usually don’t use bold or flashy colors. Because modern rustic interior style usually takes inspiration from wood and natural colors. Modern rustic interior design emphasizes neutral colors. Modern rustic themed interior rooms also usually use brown, nude, white, and black. Although there may be different color displays to add interesting elements to the room, the colors used still give the impression of calm, such as soft blue.

3). Used or Vintage Furniture

To get a thick modern-rustic atmosphere, you can also use the old furniture that looks old or other vintage items. Do not be afraid to put rusty furniture, as long as the placement and selection fit into the room. Buying used items can also save your budget because it is definitely cheaper than buying new furniture.

4). Material

The modern rustic interior design creates a warm and intimate and cozy atmosphere without being overly impressed. One important element to create this impression is the use of comfortable fabrics. Modern rustic interiors can utilize plain organic fabrics.

Leather sofas and chairs and rugs made of cow leather, for example, you can use. Or you can use blankets, chair cushions, or carpets from other natural materials. Not only does it seem beautiful, but this material also gives a warm impression. The more it looks it isn’t processed, the better. It’s just that you need to be careful when eating and drinking near-natural materials like this because it can absorb liquids easily when you spill drinks.

5). Exposed architecture

Wood, stone, and brick are some of the unique characteristics of modern rustic themed interior spaces. The modern rustic design accentuates the impression of “raw” and takes you to a time when houses were built manually with stone and wood.

You are lucky if you can find an interior with this element, and you should really use it. If you live in a residence without these elements, it is still possible to integrate them into furniture and accessories. But this depends on how freely you can decorate your interior space.

6). The decoration looks old

The type of decoration that you want to put on the wall really depends on how you want to form a room. Modern rustic interior style is a blend of old-style and modern style.

Wall displays not only have an aesthetic element but also help balance the decor in the room. Is your furniture more modern? Then you need to choose accessories that are more rustic, including displays. You can use old photos, naturalist sketches, or the like.

Is the furniture more vintage and rustic? Then you can use some modern displays, maybe minimalist or abstract themed ones to create high contrast. You really need to experiment. Find out what type of display you like best and which type of room complement is best for your modern rustic interior.

7). Chandelier lights

An outdated chandelier can be an addition to modern rustic themed interior areas. You only need to clean it up a bit and this decoration is ready to use. Victorian lamps add a rustic modern feel to your interior space.

8). The use of glass jars

Glass jars are easy to find and are cheap but stylish and can be used to create modern rustic interior decorations. You can turn it into a container, a soap dispenser, a candle holder, a glass, a flower vase, or you can use it for its original purpose, namely as a food storage container. Layers of shelves containing herbs and dry food in glass jars to create a focal point in the room.

9). Organic object

As mentioned above, modern rustic interior style is closely related to the feel of nature. So it would make sense to use decorations taken from nature.

Luckily you can find many of these accessories easily. You can collect fallen branches or tree trunks and arrange them into work. Do you have horn displays? It will look good when placed on the wall of the dining table.

You can even attach tree branches to the wall. This is a unique way to decorate without having to pay a large fee. When talking about accessories in modern rustic interior styles, there are tons of choices.

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