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Home Exterior Design Ideas

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WEbvisit – To enhance the appearance of housing. You also need to design the exterior of the house. The exterior design of this house you really need to pay close attention to. Moreover, its location outside makes everyone can see the exterior of your home freely. The exterior design of your home will immediately become the main assessment of people about how the atmosphere of your real home. Therefore, you must arrange the exterior design as well as possible. Make a home that is both attractive and comfortable.

One of the biggest challenges in designing a home exterior is a field that is really large in size. The exterior environment actually has a very large size. Not just home building, but you also need to pay attention to everything that is around your home. For example, in choosing exterior paint, you must create a harmonious blend of paint colors between the house and the garden, the fence, and the surrounding scenery. The combination of these elements will create an elegant exterior.

Maybe you are starting to do the work of designing the exterior design of your home? WEBvisit has very useful tips because it can help you in designing the exterior of your home.

1). Fence Design

Before you determine what colors will be used on the exterior walls of your house, try to do your survey first. We usually walk around the housing complex to find out what color is used the most there. For example, if you find that blue is the most used color, then you should avoid using blue for the color of your home.

Make the exterior design of your house look different by using other colors that can create its own beauty. Choose a combination of paint colors other than those your neighbors use. To make it easier, try asking advice from friends in the community you follow. Usually, each community has a distinctive color that matches your personality.

2). Roof

Is the roof of your house reddish-brown? The reality is the color of the roof of the house also has a very important role in creating an attractive home exterior design. This roof is able to strengthen the value held by the wall for the better. Avoid using bright yellow or red on the roof of your house because it is too bright, bright, and brave.

Using a dark roof like gray is recommended because it allows the walls of the house to look more attractive. In addition, the dark roof also makes the appearance of the walls of the house appear more balanced with the ground surface.

The color selection of the upper part of the house is also not limited to the roof. You also need to pay attention to the gutter and the upper wall. Make sure the colors also look harmonious. For example, if you choose gray as the roof color, keep the color of each of the elements above in the gray group.

Also, pay attention to the number of roof lines you want to show. In a minimalist style house usually uses a roof design that looks plain as without overlapping. Whereas in a traditional and classic style house, the roof lines are deliberately highlighted because they can function as exterior decorator accents.

3). Window

When you are renovating a house or building a new house, don’t forget to brush up on the window display too. The most important part of the window color. The white window is able to create a window that is so elegant as if without a frame. While the black color is very good to complete the charm of modern homes.

If you have windows that are the same color for years, don’t hesitate to try new colors so the atmosphere of the house looks more different. Use black, dark gray, and brown to increase the dimensions of the window. The display window can also be enhanced with ornaments, accessories, and size around it.

4). Accessory

House elements such as bricks, or molds can be used as accessories for certain home exterior designs. For example, you can display it as decoration by keeping the element visible or hiding it using the help of paint. For the use of the type of paint colors on the exterior of the house itself, the fewer paint colors used the better the quality of the design produced.

Just use 2 or 3 different colors throughout the exterior of the house that is well integrated. The use of too many exterior wall paint colors will actually make the house look too crowded so that it looks no longer attractive.

5). Exterior Door

The front door is one of the most important elements to create an impression of the positive energy that the home has for the guests who come to visit. The main door seems to be your representative to welcome guests. It’s best to have a clear position with a friendly design to welcome people who pass by.

You must pay attention to the selection of the door design. If you are forced to build a door in a direction that does not directly face the courtyard gate, you can add a few colorful flowerpots to welcome first-time guests. The existence of this ornamental plant will welcome guests.


WEBvisit also still has a few other suggestions that you can try to decorate your home’s exterior design, including:

  • Dark colors are not always suitable for use in small houses. Dark colors will indeed create the impression of a narrow house. But in some cases, you need to use a dark color to show something else that is more interesting.
  • White should be the last choice in choosing exterior paint colors. This color is too bright if used for outside areas. Try choosing another color first. If there really isn’t anything you want, then you can choose white.
  • The choice of fence color also needs to be adjusted to the color of the wall paint. Especially on the exterior of the house, where all the constituent elements must be able to unite in harmony. You must use a fence paint color that matches the walls of the house.
  • Pay attention to environmental conditions and the streets around your home. If there are a lot of plants that grow there, choose neutral wall paint so that the design of the house is able to blend.

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