great kitchen design ideas

Great Kitchen Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – Home design must have three main areas needed, namely the living room as a public area, the bedroom as a private area, and the kitchen as a service area. Therefore, the design of these spaces must be considered properly. For the design of a kitchen in particular, what should be considered when designing a good kitchen?

What activities are carried out in the kitchen?

Before designing the kitchen, pay attention to what functions and activities will be carried out in the kitchen. A good kitchen in general is a space for cooking. Various activities related to cooking and preparing food takes place in the kitchen. Here are some functions and activities that are commonly done in a great kitchen:

  1. Preparation. In this case, the kitchen is used as a space in the house to process food to be cooked.
  2. Cook. As its main function, a kitchen is a place for cooking.
  3. Wash cooking/eating utensils.
  4. Storage. In addition to a place for cooking, the kitchen is also a space for storing food ingredients and finished cooking.

However, over time, the function of the kitchen is no longer just a space for preparing food. Good kitchen designs also start to vary, from minimalist kitchen designs to kitchen designs that separate dirty and clean kitchens. Some people also make the kitchen as a gathering area with friends and relatives, both for cooking together or eating and chatting.

What should be in a good kitchen?

In accordance with the functions and activities carried out in the kitchen, the kitchen is designed with various devices called kitchen sets. The kitchen set itself is divided into three main parts, including:

  1. Upper Cabinet, which is a kitchen cabinet located at the top
  2. Lower Cabinet, which is a kitchen cabinet located at the bottom
  3. Countertop, which is a kitchen table between the upper cabinet and the lower cabinet. In this countertop, there is usually a stove and sink for washing dishes.

Meanwhile, the elements in a kitchen include:

  1. Sink
  2. Cooker
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Oven
  5. Cooker hood

What is the area and size of the kitchen to be designed?

The size and area of ​​a kitchen is a consideration to determine what type of kitchen design is suitable to be applied. Kitchen designs are generally very varied ranging from measuring 2×2, 2×3, up to 3×3. What type of kitchen that fits 2×2, 2×3, or 3×3?

Single Line Kitchen

Single Line kitchen is a type of kitchen design that has a straight line cabinet. This type of kitchen is very suitable if you have a house design with a small kitchen area. A single line kitchen will give a simple and minimalist impression to your kitchen.

Double Line Kitchen

Double Line Kitchen is a kitchen type design that has a cabinet with two straight lines facing one hall in the middle. Double line kitchen design requires more space when compared to a single line kitchen design. The advantage is, the number of kitchen cabinets can be more.

L-Shape Kitchen

L-Shape kitchen is a kitchen design with an L-shaped cabinet. L-Shape kitchen design is one of the most used kitchen designs. The L shape makes the circulation area in the kitchen wider. This kitchen design is suitable for both small and large-sized kitchens.

U-Shape Kitchen

U-Shape kitchen is a kitchen design with a U-shaped cabinet. U-Shape kitchen design requires a fairly large kitchen space when compared with other kitchen designs.

G-Shape Kitchen

The G-Shape kitchen is a kitchen design with a G-shaped cabinet. Just like the U-Shape kitchen design, the G-shape kitchen design also requires a spacious kitchen.

Island Shape Kitchen

Kitchen Island Shape is a kitchen design with a separate cabinet from the upper cabinet and lower cabinet. Unlike the design of other types of kitchens, the island shape kitchen design has a separate cabinet that gives the impression of an exclusive and luxurious interior. This design requires a kitchen with a large area.

What kind of kitchen design style do you want?

What is the style of your home design? Is it minimalist, industrial, Scandinavian, modern, or something else? Usually, the choice of kitchen design style will follow the overall design of the house. Before determining the design style for your kitchen, you can start by looking at various design ideas and kitchen design inspiration. The design style you choose will determine the appearance of your kitchen whether elegant, unique, or simple. This will also affect the selection of material for the kitchen set and kitchen table.

If you want to have a simple and minimalist kitchen, you can choose a minimalist design style. Meanwhile, if you want a kitchen with an elegant and exclusive design, you can choose a contemporary or modern design style. And if you are interested in unique designs, you can make industrial choices

What materials can be selected when designing a kitchen?

Selecting the material will determine what the impression and appearance will be. In designing a kitchen, there are many materials to choose from.

Kitchen Set

There are various choices of materials for kitchen sets, ranging from multiplex/plywood, blockboard, to MDF. These three materials are layered materials that are pressed with high pressure but have their respective advantages, both in terms of texture, durability, and price. In terms of durability, the multiplex has the best quality in terms of durability and has the most expensive price among the three. While the MDF, although not resistant to water, this material is cheaper and more flexible among others.

Coating Material for Kitchen Sets

The coating material you choose will determine the appearance in your kitchen. For your kitchen coating material, here are some materials to choose from: HPL, Decosheet, and Duco Paint. For those of you who want a kitchen with an elegant design, you can choose the Cat Duco. Meanwhile, if you want a coating material that is easy to shape, Decosheet is a good choice. As for the minimalist and simple kitchen design, HPL can be your choice because it has a relatively cheap and practical price.

Kitchen Table Material

In addition to the kitchen set, choosing a material for the kitchen table also needs to be considered, both in terms of durability and design appearance. Lamination is one of the most popular materials nowadays because it is cheap and has many variations. If you want to get the impression of luxury, classics, and class, materials like marble and granite can be your choice. If you want to display a natural impression, then the choice of materials such as wood or concrete can be selected. Meanwhile, for the impression of contemporary design, you can get by using stainless steel material.

How much is the budget for designing a kitchen?

Aside from the design problem, another thing that is the main consideration is the cost. How much does it cost to design a kitchen? Have you determined the budget for designing the kitchen? The amount of the cost will depend on the size of the kitchen and what kind of kitchen design you want.

You need to make sure that the kitchen design you want matches the budget amount you have. If it turns out the budget is minimal, what should be done? How to still get a beautiful kitchen design but in accordance with your budget?

In this issue, the existence of a professional architect or interior designer is needed. Professional architects and interior designers will help find the best solution for your kitchen. Find professional architects and interior designers to design your kitchen. In addition to being able to see their works as inspiration, you can consult with them to find solutions for kitchen designs at a cost that is appropriate for your budget.

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