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French Interior Design Ideas

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WEBvisit – The uniqueness of French culture is always interesting to learn. The culture is also reflected in the French interior style which seems artsy and consists of several architectural combinations. French interior design even inspires interior style trends that develop over time.

If you like the home interior design that looks elegant and European nuances, a French interior style can be tried on your residence. What are the characteristics of the French style that can be seen from the interior, decoration, and furniture selection?

Dominated by White Walls

The majority of French interior design is dominated by white walls. The French really like the color of this wall because it seems more neutral and clean. However, the white color used is not a pale white that seems stiff. White color with a little pink accent is much more desirable because it gives a warm impression on the interior of the house.

High-sized House Ceiling

One of the most identifiable characteristics of French style interior is the high ceiling of the house. The size of the ceiling makes the house seem more majestic. In addition, high ceilings are also useful to facilitate air circulation in the interior of the house. Your home will be free from the stuffy and cramped impression when carrying a distinctive style of French interior.

Decorated Cornices with Unique Shapes

The cornice is a decorative ornament that is usually placed horizontally on the top of windows, doors, or along the top of the interior walls. In the French-style interior, cornices function as a decoration that makes the interior and style of the house seem luxurious. If you want to give a French touch to the interior design of your home, you can install cornices from gypsum that are affordable and the variations in shape are very diverse. Nevertheless, you must maintain the temperature and humidity of the room carefully because gypsum is easily damaged by humid air.

Use Parquet Floor

French interior designs rarely use carpets to cover the floor. Instead, the floor design is made more beautiful by using a parquet. Parquet flooring will give a warm impression on a French-style home interior. The combination of brightly colored interiors with brightly colored parquet floors makes the visuals more beautiful. Now, you can also choose various types of parquet floors with quality and prices that can be adjusted to your budget.

Vintage Decoration

Classic French-style interior also can not be separated from the nuances of typical European vintage. That is why the French-style interior also requires a touch of vintage decoration elements such as floor lamps, mirrors with carved patterns, antique crystal chandeliers, and vintage coffee tables. You are free to arrange these decorations according to taste, but do not use it too much so that the interior of the house avoid excessive impression.

Classic Furniture

Another distinctive feature of French interior design is classic furniture. Large sofas, magnificent beds, and armoires (French wardrobe with shelves, hangers, and drawers) must be available in your home. If you want a simpler French style, you can make a combination of minimalist furniture and classic furniture that matches the color.

Identical to Indoor Plants

The French also really like the natural feel of the interior of his house. That is why indoor plants become a favorite interior decoration element that you should not miss. If you have not had time to buy plants in the room, you can also work around this by placing fresh cut flowers. Beautiful colorful flowers will make the interior of the house more perfect.

An elegant residential atmosphere will be realized if you are careful in designing and arranging the room. Don’t forget to ask for advice from all family members before trying an elegant french design.

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