contemporary interior design ideas

Contemporary interior design ideas

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WEBvisit – Architectural and Interior design styles refer to how the method of a house is built, the characteristics of interior design that make the building noteworthy, including elements such as shape, material, character, and construction methods.

Humans evolve over time and so does the style of interior design, changing over time. It is undeniable that technological developments are very rapid over time triggering changes in interior design style more quickly. Technology allows the emergence of new ideas and discovers new styles in Architecture, especially the style of Interior design.

Then is there any interior design style that always follows the changing times? Yes, maybe one of them is the contemporary design style. In Architecture and Interior, Contemporary style is broadly defined as the style of contemporary design or today. Contemporary style is always changing, following the times from time to time.


Contemporary interior design style began to develop around the early 1920s which was driven by a group of architects of the Bauhaus School of Design, Germany, which was a response to technological advances and social change due to world war.

The contemporary interior design style for a building art developed rapidly in the 1940-1980s. The word contemporary itself can be interpreted as something that is completely up-to-date, characterized by changes in design that always try to adjust to the time and era. Changes in design are accompanied by changes in shape, appearance, type of material, processing, and technology used.

Contemporary architecture presents the concept and style of continuity. Usually, the architectural design is more complex, innovative, varied and flexible. Some of the famous architects included in this style are Frank Gehry, with his Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Jean Nouvel with his Quai Branly Museum in Paris, and many more.


The basic characteristics of contemporary interior design style look at the concept of space that seems open-plan, harmonization of the room that integrates with the outside space has an open facade. This architecture is recognized through practical and functional design characters with simple geometric shapes and neutral colors with a clean look. The use of large windows, as well as a combination of unique shapes, natural materials. straight line detail.

Comfort and durable are important values in contemporary interior design. In addition, in the case of contemporary interior design many combined with lighting to produce the impression of space that is always fresh, as much as possible always in harmony with the development of the contemporary design.

It is important to remember that the contemporary style of interior design that we define now will slowly change over the next few years depending on the development of people’s perspective on interior design. This is the essence of contemporary interior design that tries to keep up with the times and still look up to date in a variety of designs.

Design Reference

Contemporary style interior design has become a favorite style of many people for occupancy. The design is elegant, simple, and looks that update succeeded in attracting many people to be applied to their homes. Then, what steps need to be taken to design a contemporary style interview to be like a pro?

1). Bring natural light into the room

When the period of modern design appeared in the 1920-1960s, residential houses usually appear dark with small rooms and small windows. Now with contemporary interior design, the room is made open and bright by incorporating natural light into the room. Choose white flooring material so that the light can be reflected throughout the room in the house. Also use glass material instead of partial walls, large transparent windows, and skylights to bring as much natural light into the room as possible.

2). Use bright color splashes

Contemporary interior design style color palette is dominated by neutral color palettes such as gray, brown, black, and white. The use of these colors for interior elements such as walls, floors, ceilings, and leaving a place for splashing cheerful colors on accessories and furniture of the room. Architect’s imagination is needed to be more creative in processing patterns and textures to give a striking beauty to the room.

3). The use of natural materials in the interior

Natural materials bring a refreshing new feel to contemporary style housing. Organic materials such as wood, natural stone, slate, teak, cotton, wool, and others can look impressive in contemporary interior design.

4). A sense of lightness with the selection of furniture to give a feel of relax

The furniture that is designed for a contemporary style has interesting characteristics. The furniture design style gives the impression of being light and simple in the appearance of the room. This can be obtained with the use of fine lines that are straight to the use of white so that it looks light and clean. Another material used is transparent and reflective glass material to give a more modern impression.

5). Plain floor with beautiful finishing

The contemporary era has opened opportunities for materials used for interior design to stand out as they are. The impression that is felt in contemporary interior design is the minimal lines and the atmosphere of “lack of goods”. Floors with materials such as wood, ceramics, porcelain, and marble tiles make it into the contemporary category. Give a beautiful finishing like a carpet for an additional impression of luxury as well as for visual space. This trick is best used to separate the dining room from the family room, which usually appears next to each other.

6). Using the concept of open plan

Contemporary-style interiors appear with characteristics as if to unite all the rooms in the dwelling. The blurred boundary between one room and another is the perfect open plan concept for contemporary style. An open plan is ideal and iconic for a contemporary style interior.

7). The dominance of Line Elements

In addition to focusing on materials and colors, contemporary-style interiors can also be recognized by the presence of straight-line elements. One feature of contemporary design is the use of repeated straight line games in vertical and horizontal positions. This line element can be obtained from furniture, openings, colors, or deliberately added to the line element in the room.

8). Contemporary details in the room

Details appear very important to show the contemporary design of the dwelling. What distinguishes the style of minimalist and contemporary interior design is a subtle element that looks a little different. Examples such as the use of banisters in minimalist interior designs usually use long wooden sticks. Whereas in the contemporary design style, the choice of material is more diverse by including industrial elements such as steel, glass, or other industrial materials.

9). Technology is hidden in the dwelling

One feature of contemporary interior design that is much loved is “hidden technology” that is ready to amaze anyone who sees. With the development of existing technology, there is no harm in adding technology in the room. Remote that can control all electronic equipment, automatic cooling, lighting that can be adjusted to the mood, security system, or the other. Leading Designers try to bring innovative control in today’s lifestyles and can see how much this is to bring the atmosphere of contemporary design to the dwelling.

10). Exploration of imagination in design

The contemporary design gives everyone the freedom to let go of formal rules to be more open and dynamic. Release the imagination to give a personal touch to the interior design of a room. Add an eclectic design style, classic, or whatever is characteristic and perfectly reflected in the interior design that we design.

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