10 Kitchen paint color Ideas

10 Kitchen paint color Ideas

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WEBvisit – The kitchen is one of the best places to spend time at home. Besides cooking everyday food, you can also try new recipes for the first time. Because of its main function, kitchen designs often go unnoticed. In fact, with a beautiful and attractive kitchen can add enthusiasm when cooking.

If you feel bored with the look of a monotonous kitchen, maybe you can try changing the color of the wall paint. This color can be an interesting and unusual idea to change the atmosphere in the kitchen.

1). Green and Pink

If pink used to be synonymous with girls’ bedrooms, now it’s a lot different. The pink color is increasingly popular and began to be used in any part of the house. You can use soft pink or salmon pink to create a color that is not too bright. In addition, use green as a touch of beautiful contrast.

2). Turquoise blue and white

A simple but beautiful impression can be seen. Especially if combined with certain motifs with the right color combination on one side of the wall. Using this color is certainly not the usual choice, because the whole room looks filled with light with a spark of retro color in it! Turquoise blue combined with white will remind you of the glittery period of the 80s.

3). Yellow

Yellow is also very easy to combine with several other color choices. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors like yellow. The use of this color in certain parts can make a bright and beautiful hue. Combined with pale walls and tables.

4). Navy blue and white

A striking color combination of navy blue choices. French-style navy blue might look elegant out there. But who would have thought, it turns out the color looks very calming when combined with white. You also feel the feel of the ocean when cooking.

5). White and metallic colors

Minimalistic, clean, and organized, white, and metallic colors are the perfect mix for a contemporary kitchen. For a kitchen like this, accent colors are not really needed, because the combination of both is very luxurious!

6). White and Gray

You will see lots of colors that look perfect together with white. However, you cannot ignore the color gray! By coincidence, gray is the color of choice this year. Therefore, the selection of interior design and also furniture with this color is considered softer and also contrasting compared to black. Both of these colors can create a fresh and homely atmosphere. This simple impression can be seen and neutral when combined with furniture models and any color.

7). Blue, Green, and White

This cool and soothing color is worth a try to change the atmosphere of your kitchen. This color combination can arouse calm and create a comfortable atmosphere. Use soft and unobtrusive colors to maintain a calm impression.

8). Mint color

Use mint colors to produce a very fresh kitchen space that feels stylish. You can try combining patterned floor tiles with pastel color cabinets.

9). Bright Color

The cooking room can reflect the love of the homeowner through the use of bright colors. You can use a trellis patterned floor.

10). Orange

Combine this color with a navy blue color to create the right color contrast. A unique and minimalist impression can be seen when combined with white cabinets. In addition, the use of wood-colored furniture can also be an alternative.